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I never thought I would develop this house at the initial stage…21 years ago when there was money in Nigeria, I couldn’t build this house, but now that there is scarcity in the whole world, God said to me: “My son, you will build this house.” …and according to His word, here we are today praising Him for great things He has done – if not for God it would have been practically impossible for me to have my own house.

– Pastor E.O. Abina, GOFAMINT G.O.


Last year was the first time I attended the convention. As at that time I had no fiancé but now God has given me a lovely man to behold and live with. I give all glory to Almighty God, PRAISE THE LORD!

                                                      Ogunseemi  Feyisayo    [Tutugba Assembly, Olorunsogo District]

We came to last year’s convention and there was a declaration that whosoever had an uncompleted building should signify and I did. The ministration was that before this convention, the uncompleted building would be definitely completed. Lo and behold, it was so. Glory be to the Almighty God!

Almighty God also delivered me from a very terrible sickness and to His glory today, I am here to give this wonderful testimony that I have been made whole.  Praise the Lord!

                                                                                                Adenekan Sarah [Owode Assembly, Abeokuta District]


Last year, one of our members who was preparing for the convention couldn’t come because her child suddenly fell sick. We had to rush her to the hospital; the child was in the state of coma for about three days; we prayed here in the convention and God brought the girl back to life. The sister is right here in the auditorium for this year’s convention.

                                                                                           Deaconess Nejo Magret    [Igbara-Oke Assembly, Obanla District]


In October 16, 2011, I delivered a baby boy by caesarian session. Consequently I became sick. I had taken different kinds of drugs as prescribed by my doctor but all to no avail. It was not quiet long my Doctor told me to go for an ultra-sound scan – which revealed that an error was made during the surgical operation that was carried out on me in 2011. During the 2012 annual convention, the Lord God of Solution Center touched me and healed me permanently!

                                                                                                          Odumosu Oluwatosin [Omu Assembly, Ijebu District.]


My daughter is nursing a baby!

I am testifying to the glory of God, for what He has done for my daughter. Last year, I stood before the alter here that if God could answer my prayer on behalf of my daughter, Ebunoluwa Dare, that I will come and giving the testimony. As a woman stood with confrontation that she will never in life give birth to a baby. I reported this case to my God, the God of GOFAMNINT today, my daughter is nursing a baby. In her absent, I will roll on the ground as my covenant to God Almighty.   Elder Faboye Philip from Ore District.

I got married in the year 1998 April, since then we have been praying for the fruit of the womb. Last year convention I observed that I am pregnant which was also confirmed by the doctors but scan did not revealed that there is a baby in my womb, I kept on praying, during the convention, I asked God to have His way and prove His miracles in my life. Pastor Kayode Akinlawon joined me in prayers and prophesied that he received a baby boy for me whether scan or no scan revealed it and to God be the glory in December 8, 2011; I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Hallelujah. Ahmed Fehintola (Mrs.) from Ojoo Headquaters Church.


TESTIMONIES: Night Of Good News And Massive Healings


Silas headquarters]

As he was praying, some insects were coming out of his ears. This has been there 2006 but now he is healed.

A brother from Lagos, who could not wait, says;

I had continuous headache and eye pain, before he was unable to turn his eye ball but now he is healed.

Seun [ife]

Since JSS 2 his ears has always being roaming, but when the man of God prayed, he recieved his healings.

Breast cancer HEALED!

Damilola [Arigidi]

She suffered from a lump in her breast for a year which resulted to the cancer of the breast and now she is healed.


She had waist pain which was caused by an attack, but when she shouted hallelujah, she found out that the pain is gone.


He heard strange voice which made him sick, he has been advised to undergo operation but tonight he is healed. PRAISE THE LORD FOR HE IS GOOD

By; Olaosebikan Oyetola/ Adesina Olnrewaju (HBN)


Promotion and God’s Provision

Oduwole Femi from Owerri District

 Firstly, as I came to convention last year, the church was ejected and sued to court to quit in 7 days. Supernaturally, the Lord provided a land and the church of less than 100 members was able to purchase the land and the building is going on. Almost 2.5 million has been spent on the building of the church.

Secondly, I was promoted to the position of deputy director with effect from 4th of January 2011. I have also receive 3awards and have 2 more receive- one in Abuja and one in Ghana. I don’t know who nominated me for these awards. I give all the praise to God.

By; Olaosebikan Oyetola/ Adesina Olnrewaju (HBN)


God delivered GOFAMINT from Boko Haram

Adeleke Amos from Jos.

I asked God for a Toyota Carnival car and God gave it to me. More so, God delivered the member of GOFAMINT from the hand of Boko Haram.

By; Olaosebikan Oyetola/ Adesina Olnrewaju (HBN)


Promoted after 13yrs

Ogungbade Modupe. From Agege Districts

I have been waiting on God for my promotion since 13yrs ago, during the 2010 convention, I cried onto God when people are testifying on promotion. By His divine grace, I told God while preparing for 2011 convention that if you want my tithe increase, and then promote me. I was over joyous after today’s lectures. The first call I received was that my name was among those promoted at my working place and I have confirmed, to God be the glory.

By; Olaosebikan Oyetola/ Adesina Olnrewaju (HBN)


Expected Retirement turned to Promotion

Colonel Oje Ofem Eno.

I was a lieutenant colonel for 8yrs instead of 5yrs. I was served two letters informing me of my expected retirement with effect from 10 July 2010. Miraculously, my expected retired letter was delay, making it possible for my presentation to the promotion board in July. Consequently, I was considered qualified to the rank of colonel in the Nigerian Army.

By; Olaosebikan Oyetola/ Adesina Olnrewaju (HBN)