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Pre-JAMB Conference Data Page

If you are a GOFAMINT member writing your JAMB this year please fill the form below.

PLEASE NOTE: If you score #200 and above, please send your name and your JAMB score to 07035666173. Text only.

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List of Polytechnics in Nigeria with Contact & Websites

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How to Retrieve 2013 JAMB UTME Misplaced Registration Card

We have been receiving series of questions on this blog since the inception of 2013/2014 JAMB UTME registration.

Today, we want to tackle one of the major problems faced by students during registration, i.e. how missing JAMB card information could be recovered.

JAMB has created an easy and convenient way for candidates that misplaced their registration card to easily recover it without any ado. So if you’ve misplaced yours follow the steps below to recover it.

1. Go to Jamb pin recovery page at

2. Supply the required information into the displayed form and then finally click on the Recover Pin button.



Jokes: Funny JAMB Exam Day

Below is a funny joke that was submitted by one of our readers, enjoy.


I was sitting for Use of English at
a JAMB Exam. I shaded the ones i
knew, and waiting for manner to
fall from Heaven when i noticed a
very beautiful girl sitting beside
me. She was shading and was not
looking up. Through the help of
my long neck, i peeped and
checked her work, she was in
number 65, i was still in number
21 and time was running out.
I quickly thanked God and started
shading along with her. We got to
number 98 together, suddenly,
she looked up, caught me and
shouted in a low tone;
“What are it? Why is you dey
copying me? Copys! copys! You is
not shaming! As big as you dey!
You is a dull boys! You are a
disgrace to your manhood.”
Na so i shout; heeeey!
heeeeyyy!!! heeeyyyy!!!
I am finished yay, who has eraser

You can submit your jokes and other education related news to


What All 2013 JAMB Candidate Must Know.(it’s very important)

The statistics of annual applicants to the University Matriculation Examination (UTME) keep increasing, shooting to over one million, with more than 40% increase on a yearly basis. See why you should do all you have to quickly get admission into your chosen institution and move on with your life?

Every new year, you have more people fighting to gain a space in the Tertiary Institution.

This year, (2013) JAMB exam, more than one million Nigerian school-leavers who had already queued up their information on the JAMB portal are gearing up for the JAMB-UTME examination which has been scheduled hold on the 27th of April 2013.

Now, the question everyone is asking, who is going to make the Jamb cut-off mark for 2013/2014 Session?

from the recently concluded Survey, it was discover that about 50 per cent of the total number of candidates pass JAMB examination yearly, but another question is; do this same number students gain admission into the available spaces in the Nigerian Universities/Polytechnics? Of course, you and I know that the answer is a Capital NO!!

But from this content, Central Base Network has decided to share with it’s Numerous readers the secret on how to be part of the winning team.

The instructions provided below are very important, if you take them seriously, your destiny will be in your hands. Not in the hands of Jamb officials.

*1. Ensure you Read harder and browse through educational materials which includes jamb past question papers available in the market. (we recommend that you purchase the Hard Copy.) don’t just purchase it and dumb it! Make sure you practice the questions and get familiar on how JAMB set their examination.

*2. Find out the areas that gives you the most problems and try to tackle it. If it is maths, then solve it! if it is accounting, then solve it!

*3. Like We stated above, read jamb past question papers to have a feel of it. It is very adviceable that you study jamb past questions papers and answers.

*4. Speed is very important, ensure you test yourself to see how you can tackle one question in a sec or minute. Also take in mind the accuracy.

*5. If you are writing your jamb examination on the city/state you lives in, it is adviceable that you locate the Jamb center, atleast three days before the examination.

This will boost your confidence and not make you look like a JJC on the day of the exam.

*6. However, if your jamb center is far from your location, you are advice to make adequate arrangements to be there a day or two before the examination. Trying to find out your jamb center on the day of the examination might give you heart attack. (now you don’t want that?)

*7. On the day of the examination, ensure you follow the instructions outlined by the instructors.

*8. When you are given your jamb question paper, it is adviceable to start with the QUESTIONS YOU KNOW VERY WELL before tackling the others. And you are to be conscious of time as we stated above.

The instructions stated above will certainly help you to achieve success in your exams. But if you are still unsure if whether you can reach upto the cut-off mark of your preferred university, then you should seek the help of BUSY BRAIN NETWORK SERVICE (BBNS).

Their service is extremely cheap for students to afford and they have always kept to their promises by providing currect answers to the exam questions in all subjects one hour before the exam starts. With their service, you don’t have to worry about whether you will make all your subjects or reach upto 280 in your JAMB exam because they have the best sources that is 100% determind to assist you. And don’t forget that they will definitely send to you all the exam answers one hour before the exam starts. So, make the right choice today by saying no to failure!


Novels to Read for 2013 JAMB UTME General Paper

This is to notify all the candidates that will be attempting 2013/2014 JAMB UTME that they are all required to read two novels for the coming 2013 JAMB UTME exam that will hold on the 27th of April 2013. No student is left out, irrespective of their choice of course or mode of exam (PPT, CBT or DPT). The Novels are:


1. The Successors by jerry Agada.
2. The Potter’s Wheel by Chukwuemeka Ike.

We advice all the 2013 JAMB UTME candidates to get these books and read ahead.]



Access JAMB Brochure Online

The Joint Admissions & Matriculation Board, JAMB has made it easy and convenient for students, registration centres and interested people that wish to access JAMB brochure online. I regard this as the easiest and convenient way to access JAMB brochure unlike using the printed ones that you have to open from page to page before you get the relevant information you need.

Check out: JAMB 2013 Registration Procedures & Guidelines.

JAMB digital brochure is so easy to use in the sense that you will go straight to the information you need and print it out if needed. To access JAMB brochure online, all you’ve got to do is to visit JAMB digital brochure portal at and search for the information/requirements of the institution you need.



2013 JAMB UTME Registration – Instructions & Guidelines

The e-registration for the 2013/2014 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) has begun. This has been confirmed through the launch of the 2013 registration portal by Joint Admissions & Matriculation Board (JAMB) @


JAMB 2013 e- registration scratch cards can be bought from JAMB designated banks, NIPOST offices and JAMB offices Nationwide. The price of 2013/2014 JAMB UTME is between N4,000 (Four Thousand Naira Only) & N4,600 (Four Thousand Six Hundred Naira Only).

During your registration process, you will be required to select one out of the three options provided by JAMB for 2013 UTME. The two options are:
1. Computer Based e-Testing (CBT)
2. Dual Based Testing (DBT)
3. Paper and Pencil Testing (PPT)

Candidates are to note that only Authorized Business/Computer Centres are allowed to perform the registrations. Below are some pre-registration guidelines that will be of useful to you:

1. Note that you cannot change your Exam Town after you have submitted your form.

2. Remember to collect your registration scratch card from the business centre or cyber cafe that helps you register.
3. You will require a JPEG passport to be scanned or digitized. It should be not older than 3 months.
4. You will NOT be able to change your Names, Date of Birth, Gender and Origin after submitting your application.
5. You will require an email address to successfully complete your registration and get additional information from Jamb.

If you are doing your registration from JAMB Authorized Computer or Business Center, all the above procedures, including the Finger Print Registration will be easy and don’t forget to check the Authorize Price for 2013 JAMB UTME Registration as specified by JAMB.

Below are some facts you must know about 2013/2014 JAMB UTME:

1. What is computer based test (CBT)?
Computer based test is the administration of an examination using a computer. This format is flexible in that the test can be taken at different times and in different locations. The test has time for each subject. If let’s say 40mins is allocated to English, after 40mins the question/answers sheet will disappear then the next subject will appear.

2. Why computer based test (CBT)?
CBT makes for more accurate, precise and fair assessment of the candidate.

3. What are the benefits of computer based test (CBT)?
– It is fast in that it gives immediate feedback.
– It is accurate and offers automated analysis of results.
– It is fair.
– It is more secured.
– It is the global best practice.

4. What is e-UTME?
e-UTME is an electronic form of Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination that adopts the use of Computer to display and answer test items.

5. What are test centres?
Test centres are examination locations across the country where candidates can take computer based tests (CBT). These centres are equipped with modern infrastructure that would enable the conduct of CBT.

6. Where are the test centres located?
CBT centres are located in all 36 states of the federation and the FCT.

7. Are these centres well equipped for CBT?
Yes the centres are well equipped for CBT.

8. What does the test centre look like?
A room equipped with computers connected to internet or internet (local Area Network).

9. Are the test centres conducive for CBT?
Yes. The e-UTME accredited professional test centres are certified and equipped to international standards to facilitate a comfortable environment conducive for e-testing. All equipments are provided and there are technical support staff who are available to assist candidates at anytime during the examination.

10. How many candidates are attached to a computer?
A candidate is assigned to a computer.

11. Are international testing centres available?
Yes, e-testing centres are available in six countries (United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Republic of Benin, Cameroun and Ghana).

12. Is the duration of the computer based the same as the paper pencil examination?
The Computer Based Test is generally the same as the paper pencil examination. The details of the test length will be included in the test instruction on the examination day.

13. Will all candidates write the examination at the same time?
No. Each candidate taking the Computer Based Test will write the examination according to the scheduled/appointed time.

14. Must a candidate schedule an appointment with a test centre to take a computer based test?
No. Your schedule will be given at the point of e-registration.

15. When should a candidate schedule a testing appointment?
A candidate should schedule his/her appointment in advance of the test as the board will allow. Testing appointments are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, to ensure getting an appointment at the testing centre of your choice, you should schedule your appointment as early as possible.

16. How does a candidate schedule a testing appointment?
A candidate should make a testing appointment via the internet during registration.

17. Will the candidate receive an e-mail confirming the testing appointment and should the candidate bring the confirmation printout to the examination centre?

Yes. You will receive an e-mail from JAMB stating the date, time and location of your examination. A candidate should also bring the original confirmation printout to the venue.

18. How do a candidate key in answers on a computer based test?
Answers to questions may be entered into the computer in either of two ways. You may key in answers by clicking on the option you believe to be the answer or tying in the letter of the option. Answers are recorded directly into the computer.

19. Can a candidate review answers or skip questions and answer them later when taking a computer based test?

Yes. A candidate may review and change answers after they have been entered into the computer during the examination or after you have attempted to answer all the questions before final submission.

20. How do a candidate know how much time is left?
The time will be displayed on the computer screen during the examination.

Before I conclude, I will like to explain two important things that candidates should take note of. Firstly, how to end the test. When a candidate has answered and reviewed all the questions, the candidate would be required to click the “END” button. Another box will ask you to confirm that you are ready to end the test. Once you confirm that you want to end, the test will close and you will not be able to regain entry.

Make sure you bookmark this page for future updates and also download and PRINT the New 2013 Jamb/UTME Online Registration Template so that unnecessary mistakes would be avoided.

MSG Team.