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August 10, 2013

Make Christ first in your life

by Admin

Evangelist M.O. Salako

In the evening session of the fifth day of the on-going convention, the first preacher was the Assistant General Evangelist, Evangelist M.O. Salako. The well celebrated preacher preached on the topic: Make Jesus the First in Your Life and he used bible passages from the books of 2Cor.15:2, Matt.10:37-39 and Genesis 22:1-14.

The Evangelist admonished the congregation should make Christ the first priority in their life. He emphasised that Christ should be our main focus and that in following Christ, the totality of one’s life is required. In his message, he correlated the life of Isaac with that of Jesus.

He hammered on the life of Isaac who was a priority in the life of his parents was to be sacrificed as an offering to God in total submission and total obedience. He (Isaac) was led silently to the slaughter slab and he never struggled neither did he disobey; this also is similar to the situation of our Lord Jesus Christ. God gave us His all when He gave us His son Jesus Christ.

He ended his message with a charge urging the congregation to live a committed life to Christ.


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