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August 10, 2013


by Admin

On the fifth day of the convention, during the morning section, Pastor J. J. Udofah talked about a very important discovery titled ‘’you need faith to do the impossible’’. He started by discussing what faith really means, that according to Hebrews   11:1 faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen; in other words faith is been sure of what we hope for and been certain of what we have not seen. He later went further and explains why we need faith to do the impossible, that it quickens us as a believer for signs and wonders, it helps us to depend on God totally and it enables us to grow spiritually. When you depend of God totally, you will be save and sure and by the time you leave this convention, you won’t be running around looking for signs and wonders because you yourself will be carriers of signs and wonders.

Furthermore, he talked about the two types of faith

  • The mental faith: this kind of faith is also known as the passive faith, people that has this kind of faith believe God can heal but never put it into practice, they know God can do signs and wonders but they never put it into practice, they know surely that serving God bring good rewards but they never surrender themselves to Christ, as a matter of fact, they are even preaching faith but never put it into practice.
  • The active faith: people that has this kind of faith believe strongly that all what is written inside the bible is true, thereby searching for new things in the bible and implementing them, the man who has active faith is not afraid because he believes has every trial of faith will lead him to a higher level of faith.

Conclusively, he said even though some people has faith but still their faith doesn’t work for them, so he went ahead and highlighted some things that hinders Christians in faith: false doctrine, unbelief and doubt, fear and carnality. And he said our church will become solution centres if we have active faith because active faith parted the red sea, it break down the wall of Jericho and it helped David to kill goliath.


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