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August 9, 2013

Your Destiny Was Determined Before Your Birth: Just Believe and Cooperate

by Admin


During the hour of discovery on the third day of the great convention, Pastor J. Kayode discussed the topic ‘’ your destiny was determined before your birth: just believe and cooperate’’. It was such a wonderful discovery, has he shed light to the three (3) killers of destiny

  1. The spirit of unbelieving
  2. Doubt
  3. Fear

He later went further and said, God has determined our destiny before our birth that the only thing he needs from us is to believe and cooperate, but it is a pity today that many people are lacking faith. Don’t limit yourself, God that created you had plans for you but if you don’t give your life to him and surrender all, it is possible for a glorious destiny to be buried or forgotten. God has designed your life, no witches or wizards can destroy your destiny if you have Jesus, the maker of destiny.

He concluded by encouraging the congregation to change their mentality towards the word of God because there is so much power in His word. And he also highlighted some things that will make you fulfill your divine destiny, that to be able to fulfill your destiny you must first discover it because discovery leads to recovery, and you must have faith, fasting and prayer and then determination. No matter how bad your condition or situation may be, the awesome God will change your destiny.

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