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August 9, 2013

You Are Destined To Be To A Blessing To Your Family And This Generation

by Admin


BIBLE VERSES: Gen 12 vs2-3, Matt 5 vs 16, Gen 1 vs  26 – 28.

Every Christian has a great potential that needs to be explored and there is also the need for God in the deploration of that great potential. One’s life is more than the daily activities, we need to explore God’s blessing on our daily activities. For one to be a blessing you must have a contact with God; without salvation, one is under curse. Before Abram became a blessing he was first by God. Salvation brings one to the company of the blessed and also a blessing for one’s generation. We have people who are rich but are capitalist and they do not bless life because they are not saved and blessed by God.

Salvation is a package that comes along with the following: salvation from curses, connection to define blessings, changing your position Colo 1 vs 13, power will change hand when you are born again Jh 1 vs 4, Jer 1 vs 5. With all these you’ll become a blessing to your generation and you will receive an empowerment to do so.

The following steps are to be taken in order to make one blessing Gen 45 vs 5-8: rediscover your destiny, focus on God, when focus is increased impact is felt, definition of one’s destiny, know your purpose. Purpose is not position, power, prosperity, educational attainment, security, comfort. Note: Joseph as the case study.

Things that are expected of a saved and purposeful Christian: blessing to generation, solution to problems, we are expected to fly and not crawl, make an impact in your life and that of others.


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