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August 9, 2013

The Awesome God: The Rewarder of obedience

by Admin

Day 4

Evening session (First Message)

Speaker: Pastor Prof S.O Ewuola

Topic: The Awesome God: The Rewarder of obedience

Text: Gen 22:14-18, Exo 1:5-6, Heb 11:6, Rev 22:11,12


REWARDER: It is a recompense for hard work or service rendered. He rewards through or by favour, and some other means.

What will be Rewarded?

  • Works
  • Actions
  • Faith
  • Thought
  • Purpose for which we do what we do
  • Obedience
  • Eternity

OBEDIENCE:  it is a toxifying agent that earns forgiveness, a tool to relationship, a catalyst to covenant making, an agent of purifying the soul, an advertiser that stimulates holiness (Rom 5:19). It provokes love, generates good work, it carries manifestation, a channel to answer prayer, resistant to devil and devil and sin, it enhances promotion. Obedience stimulates long life, it is an incentive for Christian living, it stimulates good health. Perfection can only come through obedience.

You help yourself and do good to yourself when you are obedient (I Sam), you can fix a fulfilling destiny through obedience.

Rewards of Obedience

  • It promoted Joshua and Moses
  • It gave Jesus a name above every other
  • It saved Noah and his family

What Disobedience is:

  • It is Stubborness
  • It is Idolatry
  • It is Witchcraft

  Punishments of Disobedience

  • It is a sin and will surely find us out
  • It is a passport to Hell
  • It distort lives

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