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August 9, 2013

An Exclusive Interview with the New CEU (Children Evangelism Unit) Coordinator Evangelist Emmanuel Alabi

by Admin

HBN: can we meet you?

EVANG: yes, you are welcome. I am Evangelist Emmanuel Alabi. By the grace of God, I was twelve years of age when I gave my life to Christ. Working with the children ministry had been my heart desire. I had been working with the children department in my church since 1987. I attended CMS and in 1989 I attended the seminary.

HBN: How many years have you being working with Pastor Banjo the former CEU coordinator?

EVANG: Before I came across Pastor Banjo, I had been working with the children unit in my church in 1987. I met the Pastor in CMS. Then I started full-time in 1991 as a children pastor and since then, we have been working together.

HBN: How would you describe the former CEU coordinator?

EVANG: Pastor Banjo is a man of vision who knows what he is doing and knows where he is going.

HBN: Now that you are the CEU coordinator, what are your plans for the CEU?

EVANG: By His grace, I have a lot of plans, I plan that I will make this place i.e. children church an event center, so that children can have a place to play and relax. Raising future leaders is also my priorities and what gives me the greatest joy is that those children that were raised from this church are now leading the world in different field. I want to raise champions for Christ who will raise the banner of the gospel, men who will win souls for the father.

HBN: Sir, I know there will be some challenges that the CEU department is facing, what are some of the challenges and how do you react to them?

EVANG: The way I see challenges differs from the way people see it. I have a grace that makes me see challenges as part of life. In fact, I love challenges and I believe that it is not more than what God can do.

HBN: some people call you pastor, evangelist, and other title, but what do you prefer being called?

EVANG: I am ok with any titles I am being called and I do not prefer one to the other.

HBN: What is your advice to the youth of GOFAMINT?

EVANG: well! GOFAMINT youth should be people that has burden for the work of God. They should be ready to face challenges instead of complaining, they should look for what they can do for the church, they should be ready to serve, and they should make something happen in the church.


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