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August 8, 2013



by Admin

Evangelist Samuel Orimogunje

The distance between you and your life is the word “unbelief”. Mark 10:27

If you only belief all things are very possible, BELIEVE is the word, to the man who believe, all things are possible, not that just anything can happen, but in a mysterious way, an announcing miracle. Your coming to the place of prayer is not enough, it is not the intensity of your of your prayer, but the amount of faith you have. Your faith determines you’re the weight of your miracle. Faith determines your miracle, deliverance, healing and so on. Although faith has many much definitions, but the definition the Holy Spirit for tonight is “faith means an overflow of information”. Most people restrict themselves to the amount of knowledge they want to have, which indirectly they are limiting the amount and intensity of faith in them. Faith cannot work in the life of someone who does not like information; in fact, faith can’t work in such life. So, faith can’t work where there is scanty information, because your information will move you, it will trigger you, it will push you to exercise it.

Your information must come to an intoxicating phase, where it will drive you! To lack faith is to lack deliverance, expected blessings from God, which He has destined for you, your family and everything that has to do with you. By faith, the elders obtain their results, receive their blessings, and the bible reckon with them by their faith, for example, by faith Noah, by faith Abraham, by faith Jacob and so on! Obtainers are those that operate within the realm of faith. If the bible can reckon with these people, what will heaven reckon about you? No wonder Christ ask the question, that if he comes to the world, will he still meet or find faith? Stop celebrating effort, rather celebrate success. When you open your mouth, you open your destiny. As you talk it, you get it! that’s the logic, it is the percentage of your information loading that gives the frequency of faith.

The difference between your illness and you healing is faith. The difference between your poverty and healthiness is FAITH.  Unbelief is the sin of the believers not the unbelievers. Unbelief is a sin that lands one in hell. The trouble of life bows down to your faith. The greatest problem that God is having with his people is UNBELIEF.

AWESOME – something impressive in a frightened way.

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