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August 8, 2013

The Awesome God of Wonders – Evangelist E.O. Falade

by Admin

The Minster of God first made the congregation understand that there is no exaggeration in the fact that our God is an awesome God and also He is also a God of wonders. The renowned evangelist brought out the text of the message from the book of John.5:1-3.

The man of God in his word exposition reiterated that the pool of Betheseda is also known as the pool of mercy. This pool is no ordinary pool where people just come to draw water but it is rather a pool where people go to get their healings.As good and wonderful this pool looks, there is a great ‘but’ concerning this pool – it can only heal one person per season (i.e. one person per year).

Jesus on His arrival at the poolside saw the man lying there. The evangelist stated that this implies that Jesus might not have noticed everybody at the poolside, there and then he chipped in a principle that: “Jesus might not notice you even though you come to church regularly, for Him to notice and know you, you have to live a holy life”. This man also enjoyed divine favour because he was singled out of the multitude that was by the poolside.

Evangelist Falade also used the incident that happened in the book of 2kings.4:1 to drive his point that our God indeed is an awesome God. In this passage, the wife of the dead prophet did two things for the last time – she wept for the last time and she also had to borrow (when she borrowed oil jars) for the last time.

While still using the widow’s situation, the man of God stated that for one to get healings and miracles, one must be ready to follow laid down instructions. In his words, he said “when you take divine instructions, you will fly when others are crawling”. This widow’s obedience to the prophet’s instructions was the main reason why she was a partaker of that awesome power and grace. The Evangelist later led the congregation in a session of prayers.

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