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August 8, 2013


by Admin

Pastor Emmanuel Ogunyemi

During the evening section of the third day at the Gofamint convention, Pastor Emmanuel Ogunyemi ministered the message titled ‘’ signs and dangers of the last days’’, in which he spoke about the concept of the last days, the signs and then the dangers. In his ministration he said the concept of the last day is the time when the Lord Jesus shall return and rapture the saints, he later went further by saying it is common in churches to talk about end-time but other religions don’t talk about last days because their concept about life is different from ours’. These beautiful things we see around will soon end and fade away but we don’t want them to end because we are enjoying them, but still a day is coming when the owner of the earth will come and harvest it. Where are you in your journey to heaven?

In his ministration when ahead and talked about the signs of the end-time, that this world is getting worse rather than better, we are all living witnesses of what is happening around the world, the war in Syria, boko haram in Nigeria and so many other things. The perilous time and people’s great love for money are also signs of end-time, so also people appearing to be Godly but the spirit is not in them is also sign that the end is near and that the signs are for the unbelievers to run for their dear life.

Furthermore, he mentioned the dangers of the end-time that some of the dangers are danger of apostasy, danger of deception and danger of false doctrines: the doctrine of the demon and that if believers are not careful, they will fall victims of the dangers and if they aren’t sure of their salvation nor their conscience never challenge them again, it means they’ve fallen victims of the end-time. He went further and said that in such a time the steps to be taken are:

  1. Repent: God is calling church to repent.
  2. Live your life as if Jesus will come today
  3. Make all restitutions you need to make.
  4. Examine your life
  5. Discipline yourself

He then asked the congregation that ‘’where will you end your journey?’ will you change your ways and surrender to Christ today or continue like that. Remember a day will come, it may be now, that the Lord Jesus will come. He later went ahead and call the alter call for people that want to give their life to Christ and to the glory of God, so many people came out.


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