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August 8, 2013


Interview with Pastor S.A. Kolawole

by Admin

The Heritage Broadcasting Network crew had a chat with Pastor S.A. Kolawole who is the Assistant General Secretary of GOFAMINT. Excerpts of the interview below

HBN:     Can we meet you sir?

A.G.S.:  I am Pastor Samson Adeoye Kolawole the Assistant General Secretary of The Gospel Faith Mission International.

HBN:     How has it been working with God in this Mission?

A.G.S.:  I thank God without mincing words the best thing to do on earth is to walk with God particularly when you work with the Gospel Faith Mission International, it will make you feel more fulfilling with the vision of God. Am working with the G.O. Pastor(Dr.) E.O. Abina and I consider it a privilege to have worked with him all these while am so blessed and fulfilled, I have no regret of whatsoever. I really appreciate God for giving me that opportunity many works in GOFAMINT, but many does not have direct access to work with the G.O. since I came out for full time in 1994, we have been working directly together. He is a man with kind heart and have learnt a lot from him. Normally and naturally, there is no journey that is smooth and easy if all things go smoothly it means something is wrong somewhere, there are ups and downs some times for sacrifice especially when you work at the top of leadership, you will have to be called so many names, whether right or wrong. There are a lot of things you have to take and if you will never ask the right people you will never know what is going on at all. If you are determined, you will make success.

HBN:     What situation can you term as the most unforgettable as the AGS of Gofamint?

A.G.S.:  The first time the mission had court cases were periods I will never forget. At that time, I took it upon myself but I also think it’s God’s doing as well. I was acting as the chief security officer to the General Overseer. I thank God because He took control of the situation all through that period and today we can say thank God. I came out full time in 1994, when I eventually came out, the G.O. said he has been praying to that God should touch my heart so that I may come out. In the year 1995, I was appointed as a rotational EXCO member and I told the G.O. then that if they distributing positions 20 years to this time it will never get to me but the G.O. replied that it was not man that appoints but the Holy Spirit and that helped and inspired me and since then I have had no regret working for the Lord.

HBN:     What are your achievements as the A.G.S. so far?

A.G.S.:  Without corrections, there can’t be a good or perfect management. I modified the return sheets we were using, I led the team that followed the G.O. to Lagos for the International Headquarters and it is a reality today. Gradually we are growing, the International headquarters and the cable TV have been achieved, we have acquired another land, we have a functioning secondary school and we are working on getting our own university as well. Somebody actually told the G.O. that we should finish one project before going into another and the G.O. told the person that who among us will first train a child up to the university level before having another child, that’s my answer.

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  1. Emmanuel Ogwuche
    Nov 23 2013

    This is a good work (GOFAMINTtv),let d world know we exist


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