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August 8, 2013


by Admin

Crew members of the Heritage Broadcasting Network hooked up with Pastor Joseph Kayode who is an Assistant General Overseer in GOFAMINT. Excerpts of the interview below

H.B.N – Sir, can we meet you?

Pastor Kayode – Yes you can, I am JOSHUA KAYODE, formerly known as Joshua Ogunjobi.

H.B.N – How did you come to know GOFAMINT?

Pastor Kayode – Well, I came to know GOFAMINT through a friend, who brought me in a long time ago, there that day in the church, a message came and I was touched by the Holy Ghost, and I gave my life to Christ.

H.B.N – Sir, we will be glad to know your experience during your ordination and the Man of God who conducted it.

Pastor Kayode – Uhmmm, my ordination took place in the year 1987, when I was ordained. And it was by the former general overseer, Late Rev. R.A. Gorge. Which was the last ordination he did before he passed on!

H.B.N – Sir, while you were in the office, can you share with us some of the challenges you encountered?

Pastor Kayode – There has been challenges so far but with God on my side, am a victor. There were times I had attacks, especially when my father was saved and his cult members sent attack from almost every angle, but all thanks to the awesome God. Also, there were times when my family and I had nothing to eat and sometimes, garri and black pepper but thank God for today.

HBN – sir, you mentioned your first ministration at the convention, what was it like?

Pastor Kayode – yes, I did, and it was the reason I asked people to shout seven halleluiah, because the holy spirit moved mightily by just praising God. So also, that’s the most cherished ministration of my life, because it marks the beginning of a great transformation in my life and ministry.

H.B.N – thank you so much sir, over the years, how have you been able to put up with ministry, family and finance.

Pastor Kayode – well, it has just been God, because when I started, it was easy at all, that we hardly survived, but all thanks to God who never forget our labour of love. That’s all I can say about that for now.

H.B.N – what is your motivation and philosophy about or concerning the ministry?

Pastor Kayode – well,  it’s faith, majorly faith! I see no extent faith cannot work.

H.B.N – sir, by the virtue of your office in the mission and by the information gathered, some ministers said you are tough, disciplined and a no nonsense minister. What do you say about that?

Pastor Kayode – Truly, thye’ve spoken well, and it has helped me a lot.

H.B.N – if you are to hold this office again, what would you like to do better in a more excellent way?

Well, there is nothing I would like to go back and do in the office, I’m fulfilled serving in the office and I have given my best.

H. B. N – When sir is your retirement date?

Pastor kayode – the retirement date is, 2nd of January 2014, but the sent forth is going to be on the 1st of December

H. B. N –  what’s your best hymn Sir?

Pastor Kayode – Ojo nla lojo timo yan

H.B.N – And your best food Sir?

Pastor Kayode – My best food is pounded yam.

H.B.N – what about your state of origin Sir?

Pastor Kayode – Am a native of Ekiti State.

H.B.N – is there any word of encouragement you want to tell the upcoming ministers?

Pastor Kayode – well, I will gladly advice that anyone or young ministers should leave all for God totally, I mean that’s basically all that matters, and never to go into the ministry with the mind of getting material things, but should be ready to  give out all.

H.B.N – thank you very much Sir, we hope that next time we call on you, you will answer us.

Pastor Kayode – yes, you are always welcome.


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