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August 8, 2013

Christians: Deliver This Generation from Destruction

by Admin


HEBREW 11:37-39

The work of missions is a great one, because it is not for any man, but for the expansion of the gospel. A church without mission is lacking visions, because missions bring about the expansion of the church and God’s kingdom. It is time for us all to look beyond our borders and break the limitations especially in the financial aspect. Money is needed in missions, but the lord is so much depending on us to do not just little things but great things. Here in Nigeria, we are enjoying so much and our freedom is of high percentage. When we get to other countries, especially, the Arabian countries, missionaries lack freedom, and it takes wisdom to preach the gospel. If we can’t go to the field, then I think our money should be able to go for us!

The question is who will go?  Job 20:15

For those in the missions department and those who are anticipating to go, money is an essential tool. Going to the field is the fulfilling of the scriptures because Christ wants us to go to the world and preach the gospel to everyone. We need to rise without anyone forcing us or singing the songs to our hearing it should be a willing act, because it involves going into the world in fulfillment of the scriptures. Leaving the worldly things behind and moving on to the field. The only hope of the world is the church. If the church itself is not strong then what will the world look up to? The youths we depend on to carry on  the doctrine of the church also seem to be losing focus. Meanwhile, it is because the world has entered the church.

We are all involved, in the work of the mission and we must do something, seeing that even those we called brethren are not to be trusted any longer. Matthew 24: 39. At the time of Noah, God so much trusted him that he called him to go he field and bring more people into the kingdom. We should know that, in every generation, there is a Moses. As Moses rose up to the task at that time, and took up the challenge, so also, we should take up the challenge. We must be able to give sacrificially to the missions. Sacrifice that can move the hands of the Almighty God. There is something we can do to move the hands of God. And that is giving something that will prompt God to speak from Heaven, like the case of Abraham and Isaac.  I want to challenge us, to rise and give to the missions. Let us support the missions. There are places in Africa, where people are yearning for the gospel. They need us to rescue them even our resources. Let us take it as a burden upon ourselves that we need to support the missions!


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