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August 7, 2013

The Battle is not yours but the Lord’s

by Admin

Prophet Adebisi Abiola during his ministrationProphet Adebisi Abiola

God is a maker, a destiny decider, blessing giver. He told peter his name, and told him to follow him, so as to make him. In Matthew 4: 19 God told Peter his name, and also told him to follow him, so as to make him a tool for bringing others to Christ. There is power in following Jesus. In Mathew 11:29,this place tells us very much that our God is a rest giver. The major problem of most people is that we all want to follow him, but we don’t want to obey him! Nothing is going to move forward in your life until you obey his commands. If you need dynamic change, all you need do is obey God and trust him with all you have.

Christ was talking about two kinds of rest; the first one is received when you give your life to Christ, while the other kind of rest is the rest of our soul, which doesn’t come easily. It however comes when you are indebted in the love of Christ and also when you obey him with everything you have. Note that- obedience takes you very far with God. If nothing is keeping you in the kingdom, then my friend you are a lost child in the kingdom. Your location is where your allocation is allotted, but you cannot know this unless you know Christ now. In addition, if you are not growing, you are groaning. God is not far from you; so do not be angry.

Isaiah 9:6; when you come to meet him, he will turn you to a wonder man and not a wanderer. The dangerous man is a man whose time has come. You are not reducing because of your inability; you are reducing when you are without Christ. He knows your name, your everything about you. Never be moved by what people are saying or they have said. You need to be disappointed when your enemies or when the enemies are happy with you. Brethren, you have a future, no matter what you are facing presently. Every problem is a blessing in disguise.


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