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August 7, 2013

2013 Convention Mission Reports

by Admin

Pastor Daniel Aghanenu

The GOFAMINT women ministry donated the sum of six hundred dollars ($600) to the mission work.

Sister Awodimila of Region Twelve (12), gave One hundred and seventy missionaries six yards of Ankara each for free.


Pastor Bitrus D. Manga from Yobe State (Miraculous Delivery from Assassination Attempt)

There was a day a man came with a gun in his pocket looking for the pastor to kill him. The man could not however recognize me. He was even asking from me who the pastor is, so I told him to wait, that I’ll call the pastor for him. With that, God made a way of escape for me. We have encountered many problems and challenges but I thank God that He has always been there for us and I also thank our daddy, pastor (Dr.) E.O Abina for his words of encouragement and full support.

Pastor Julius A. John from Nassarawa

April last year, we roofed the church auditorium, after several oppositions. There was a time that the dreaded boko haram sect started killing Christians; so I gather my wife and children on my bike and we started running away. On our way, we met them again. They stopped me and asked ‘’who are you?’’ Then I replied ‘’I am a missionary’’, they asked again, and I gave the same response. They became confounded and I was able to go free.

Pastor Paul Adehunmu from Bajarawa

I thank God for protecting members of our church from all evil. One day, I was returning from the national headquarters, not knowing Boko Haram members were operating near my house. They attacked five churches in my vicinity, including our church. They killed some Christians, such that my house became a temporary abode for Christians who escaped the attack. However, the boko haram members came after them, attempting to burn my house, but we escaped mysteriously through God’s grace.

Pastor Gideon Eesuola Niger Republic

We now have a fellowship center, a land and a mission house, The Mission Gave us One hundred thousand naira, but we need a pastor in one of all churches and please continue to pray for us.

Words from Daddy G.O

The missionaries are really hardworking, if you are in a Muslim state and you are a Christian, you will know what it like is, they are putting their best, let’s pray that the Lord will strengthen them and lift them up financially and spiritually in Jesus name, and the Lord will continue to protect them.


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