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August 6, 2013

Welcome Message [The Awesome God is full of miracles] – Pastor C.O. Abe

by Admin

Pastor C.O. Abe charged the participants of the 2013 edition of the Gospel Faith Mission International (GOFAMINT) convention held at the Church’s camp ground to believe in the awesomeness of God Who could deliver them from any form of satanic oppression.

He challenged the congregation to believe in the power with which God Himself used in creating the universe.

He stressed further, “For one to cling and get something from this Awesome God, one must first have a concrete understanding of who He is and what He is capable of doing. The Awesome God as the only true God Who is also the Creator of the whole universe.”

The preacher made the congregation understand that God had sent His only Son to bring down His Awesome presence to extend His awesome mercies to the whole world. He asserted that Jesus had come to showcase the awesomeness of God, no wonder everything about Jesus was wonderful – His birth was wonderful, His growth was wonderful, His baptism and ministry was wonderful, His death was wonderful, His resurrection as well as his ascension to heaven was wonderful.

Pastor Abe further reiterated that, “The Awesome God often uses things that are regarded as insignificant and useless to precipitate wonders. Life is like music which has its own high and low notes, but no matter the note, cling to Him and you will never lose your tone.”

While rounding off, He affirmed that Kathryn Kulman, Jonathan Edwards, Woodworth Ether manifested the power of this awesome God in their relationships with God.


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