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June 5, 2013


Sample Job Interview Questions

by Admin



During a job interview, it is very likely that you will hear some familiar questions. If you are able to remember questions from past interviews and prepare your statements for these questions, you will be well on your way to succeeding in your interview. Other factors you will need to consider include whether you have the skills that it takes to perform the job in question. Remember, interviews are difficult for both the interviewee and the interviewer. Therefore, you should make the best of the situation, trying to make the interview as interesting and easy as possible. Here are some standard interview questions:

Let’s begin by telling me a little bit about yourself?

This is a common ice breaking question to start off the conversation. Offer a short introduction about yourself and then ask if there is anything in specific that the interviewer would like to know about you.

Humor usually
goes a long way

What are your strong and weak points?

Although you may be able to easily respond to your strong points, try to do so with modesty. When answering the second half of this question be careful to not reveal your insecurity about your weak points. Humour usually goes a long way while explaining these weak points.

What are your long-term goals?
What would you like to be doing in 5 years time?

Try not to come off as an over achiever, but mention how you would like to succeed in the company.

Be heard
Be positive

Why do you wish to leave your present company?

Avoid speaking poorly about your present or past companies with whom you have worked for. If there are negative reasons for wanting to leave your work, try to explain them in a positive attitude. Be truthful but be positive. You can always smooth over the question by stating that you are looking for a change in direction and are looking for a challenge which you believe this present company will be able to afford you with.

What sort of salary are you looking for?

This question often makes people feel nervous when asked. You can start off by stating that money is not your main interest but rather the experience that you will acquire by working in the company. If pushed for an answer, you can honestly answer by mentioning previous salaries for the same type of work. Also, look up the current salary rate for your job position so that you can make an accurate estimate.

Do you have any questions?

You should definitely ask questions about the company and the job. However, refrain from asking questions about salary, holidays, vacations, professional advancement, etc.

Additional Points

  • Be positive, confident, self assured.
  • Small talk is not necessary during the interview. Be professional and talk about job related topics.
  • Never use one word answers like “yes” or “no”. This is the time you can use to expand on your knowledge and explain what you could not more thoroughly explain on your CV or in your cover letter.
  • Some questions may go beyond your expertise or you simply have never faced the situation. Reply truthfully if you have not, but you can always offer some type of response stating “Although I haven’t (whatever), I would recommend…”.
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    Jun 5 2013

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