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June 2, 2013



by Admin


Topic: Why do Gofamint Ladies always choose to marry from other churches and leave us the Young Men of the same Church single?

It has been noticed that many Gofamint brothers and sisters do not marry themselves,and it has always been a concern for Daddy G.O and our national leaders, even at this year GOSPEL STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Conference the national GSF president during his welcome address asked the single sisters to stand up for recognition by the brothers and later also asked single brothers to stand up for recognition for the sisters just as to create familiarity and kind of strong internal relationship between the brothers and sisters and to enhance and to promote internal marriages.

This has also been a concern for so many youths of the great Mission that’s why the topic was raised in a group discussion and so many youths pour out their minds as follows:

Bolaji Toyin: The brothers in Gofamint don’t appreciate the sisters

Asaph Osuntoyin Taiwo: Brothers, you also ask yourself why we ladies are leaving you, is because you brothers are not serious, you love playing games with diff sisters in the same church and later on you will go to other churches to marry that’s why we also find our square root.

Taiwo O Moses: Inside or Outside. What is important is the certainty and assurance of  God’s leading.

Onastomech Deborah: why are the Gofamint brothers’ not serious with what they have. do you expect the ladies should keep hopping in vain when u brothers  are not serious.

Fanimi Charity: Bro in Gofamint why do you promise and fail, why can’t u pray to God to direct your part and your step, as for me can marry in any church because I have experience with one Gofamint bro even a pastor’s son.bro in Gofamint and even Other churches do promise and fail, please let’s talk reality and find solution to it, if truly you bro want and need we sis in Gofamint church..

Oluwaleke Olasogba: This is a wonderful question, Gofamint ladies are special, beautiful, and elegance like other denomination’s ladies that we tend running after. Well I won’t like talking much, but I will just analyze some reasons why I think some are running away to marry from other denomination and they are as follows:

1. Familiarity and pride
2. Character and branding
3. Disappointment and gossip
4. Unforgiveness
5. Shyness and timidity
6. Exposure and orientation
7. Secrecy and interference etc.

These and many more are responsible for such migration and when we are complaining of that, it happens to both gender. So, the accusing finger cannot and never be pointed to ladies alone. Gofamint ladies are good and special in their own way.

Beloved Bayonle Adeleke: Interesting gist, I love happy couples and that is what is important to me. let me talk to brothers first, God gave us Spirit to connect and  receive from him, immediately u know u are right, take d step sharply..For ladies, we love u but not all of us are confident to propose to you because we thought  you may snub us..I married in Gofamint and  no regret, Gofamint sisters are the best, Guys wake up!

Ohue Captain: Marriage is a life time institution. One needs to be very careful before entering into it. One of the factors why our ladies in Gofamint go outside is because most of the guys in Gofamint fail to propose to them and they cannot remain single forever. Inferiority complex and lack of boldness happens to be the major factors hindering our guys from proposing to ladies in Gofamint. Left to me, it is Good to marry a Gofamint member but it is better to marry God’s choice. I can boldly say that I am married today to  a Gofamint sister and I am having a glorious home (Heaven on earth  in my family) #Proudly Gofamint#

Prince Paul Akinola: So funny… Bro also should go out and bring in ladies from other churches… Case settles…

Awoleye Tolulope Elizabeth: In my own perspective, GOFAMINT boys, guys and men should know they are to be priests, pastors, mentors, motivators to the ladies they will be engaged to. If the male in church are not showing any evidence of spiritual growth but only to show that they are active outwardly but cannot quote five verses of the Bible off hand. How do u expect a lady with a zeal of growing spiritually to give in to such “brother”?

Prince Odufade Oluwatosin Adeola: How about the serious-minded brothers in the church? Why are our ladies turning down their proposals too? I perceive that our ladies are running after material things. May God help us in GOFAMINT.

Abraham Sagbohan: Our ladies are choosy not 100% but most are, 2ndly I’m confident and have made moves to just two sisters in the same Church but I’ve limited my moves because they failed, and if you don’t make moves how do you want God’s approval? Marriage na bone for bone, wife may be strong husband weak spiritually if they are meant for each other, only God can tell so take it up to God for guidance and if he or she is your Bone, Do your Job and train him/her to become a strong soldier that’s why you are of bone of the bone, flesh of the flesh. When we brothers come to you at 23-25 shakara too much when you turn 28-30 you’ll expect us to come to you shebi? When we don settle down, well I’m still single and need a wife from Gofamint.

Taiwo Holo: Hmmm, interesting discussion going on here.

1, when it’s about marriage, pray for God’s will as if it’s only prayer that does it.
2, develop good values for yourself, they make you  potentially attractive,
3, be responsible, and behave responsibly, nobody wants to marry a liability in the name of church!
4. Be focused.
5. Appear well.
6. Get good social skills. Interact and communicate. It’s easier to tell your friend let’s take this notch higher than you bumping into someone along the alley to say, God say I should say..
7. Ladies, don’t be primitive, be open to friendship.

Lastly, I know quite a number of our pastors are reading this, pls let continue to create forum that will encourage cross fertilization among the youth. Youths who only see on Sunday service don’t help.

Olaoluwa Stephen: Gofamint ladies choose to marry from other churches not because of spirituality cos they know Gofamint guys can be spiritual and filled wiff the Word for the world but if my guess is rite i think is cos majority of we guys don’t own an estate or have a hummer jeep or probably we don’t have heaven on earth duplex but I want ladies to understand this ‘even though our beginning may be small but I can assure you that our middle and our end will be surely great because God is the sailor of OUR boat.’’

Adeola Esther Oseni: If the brothers from other churches are taking your sisters from under your noses, then go and bring in sisters from outside or are the sisters outside turning you down too?

Sunday Oladoye : If the sisters in Gofamint chose to marry outsiders please wish them the best and for the brothers please never be discourage about that your God who created YOU know the best for your life. Yoruba proverbs do normally say IGBINYIN LO MA DUN OLOKU ADA! – – – Also brothers let us be serious with our activities in the house of the Lord – – at Assembly, District, Region and if by privilege at the National level – – -you are going to see what God is going to in your life.

So many Gofamint youths have poured out their minds, and I can that they all have a very good points we’ve what they’ve just said, solution to this lies not only with the sisters but with the brothers also, let both the brothers and sisters come together and sort things out, We are the Future Leaders of Gofamint. LONG LIVE GOFAMINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

___Olaoluwa Stephen

From Akure, reporting for HBN News

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  1. afolabi busayo caleb
    Jun 2 2013

    for me gofamint sister do pretend alot.i love studying people a lot and in my course of studying,i learnt one must be careful in relating with them;they pretend to be what they r not,pretending to be spiritual and finally if u see some gofamint sister in town casually,u would nt wish them for ur enemies,they r one person in church and another in town

    Jun 2 2013

    To both brother and sister, we don’t need to dictate or choose for God when it comes to marital issues..let God lead and we follow. Marrying from other denomination can be done when we allow God to do that on our behalf..when you want to choose by your self you can choose anywhere…but GOD wil choose at the right place for us. Humility is the way to most successful things in life.

  3. Emmanuel Abiodun Ehuwa'
    Jun 2 2013

    To’me,Marriage is’a Divinable Affairs dat canneva b Physically Tabled 4discutn &b hopeful of Perfect Conclusn. Bt’den,Mr’s of Gofamint wud’ve bin best wt’d Gofamint-Mrs ‘…I tink. We (Gofamint Males) dat luv our ladies ‘re stil veri’mch around: I’m searchin 4’a Compartable:’Gofamint black,Health lady’s 0fficer by Profession to b mi Wife,GOD helps’me.

    Jun 2 2013

    ladies in our church too aren’t ready to marry in d church which ought not to be so

  5. Egbeyemi Love
    Jun 2 2013

    The brothers are not satisfied with a lady but prefer dating three sisters in the same assembly.

  6. many of our ladies going outside there is because there is familiarity and if brother propose to them they will feel pompous and pride will come over them and they are not primitive they frown always….

    Jun 2 2013

    about these issue i love the way u forward it up i love it so neee quick change frm sisters and brother may God this mission ijn

  8. Esther Hardeyholah Kayode
    Jun 2 2013

    Hmmmmm, this is nice, i think the problem wit our brothers is that they admire d sisters 4rm other denominations dan we in their assemblies simply bcos they dress wel, 4 instance abt 2 of my assembly past youth presidents got married to sisters 4rm other denomination leavin d ones in their ass.Also some of our sistas ar uncultured n doesnt dress wel 2 look attractive. All we need is to seek 4 God’s direction and try 2 always appreciate/ value ourselves.

  9. Ojure benson
    Jun 2 2013

    Well,d brothers are fond of applying earthly wisdom(use and dump) which is an inroad to destruction.

  10. Oluwabusola D
    Jun 2 2013

    Well Gofamint brothers are great and wonderful but den it all depends on God‘s will for one‘s life where ever he leads i‘ll go nd i believe He‘ll not lead me to a place dat will put my destiny in jeopardy. Believe me sincerely i luv Gofamint am glad i am a member

  11. Jun 2 2013

    2 me dere is nothing bad 4 a gofamint bro 2 go out nd marry. Its based on God directives. May god help us all

  12. Akinbebije Jerry
    Jun 2 2013

    `uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm,i dont see anything wrong in that attitude,its not compulsory u must get married in your church.Anywhere you see your lost RIBpick am ooooooooooooo,no time my beloved Brothers and Sisters.

  13. Kehinde Agbetomide
    Jun 2 2013

    What matter is to marry in Christ. Be Gofamint members or not does not matter. We need God’s guidiance and direction to choose partner(s)

  14. Jun 2 2013

    V. Really I don’t understand what wrongs me our sis, and it better for them to marry in the fold. For those of you claiming that is disappointment that mostly cause it, I don’t agree with you bcus you fails to build your relationship on christ many of you that has fall victim of this should examine urself very well u will see that there’s no love between you it jst infatuation so marrying in the fold is better than going out.

  15. Daniel Friday
    Jun 2 2013

    It happens to both male and Female but one thing I think is responsible for that is over familiarity,we tend to have known each other too much to marry each other which in other words is called pride amoungs us!

  16. Jun 2 2013

    hmmmm, wat a good discustion ‘if sister are geting maried to other church brothers’ we also must bring wife , but but bible says, for to b canaly minded is death, nd to b spiritually minded is life nd peace{roman 8;6). put God first in all things.

  17. oyelaifeoluwa
    Jun 2 2013

    Within or without, d most important thing which i know is right 2 do is marrying God’s will 4 u, cos marriage is nt abt u, it is abt God, His intention, His agenda n wot He wants 2 do in n wt ur home. Know His will, n get it right. Marriage is a mystery u can only unravel in Christ.

  18. Lawrence Folorunso
    Jun 2 2013

    Nice question, it is better to obey God.

  19. Tofunmi
    Jun 3 2013

    In my own view, I think what matters most is the will of God to be done. It is the will of the Lord for us to go and bring in new poeple and for our sisters to go and spread the true Gospel as in the Words they have been taught. But in our own district we do woo ourselfs and it always work out success.

  20. Iretidayomi oluwanifemi
    Jun 3 2013

    Nic 2 c dis,wel marriage is a lif contract, as soon as u get dier no goin bak,no leave,no break,vacation or recess u ar dier 4 lif gud or bad, my own is dat d master’s will is d best pointn fingers of blame 2 d sis is nt gud enough i av once been engage with a gofamint bro who knows not where his leg is takn him 2, so brodas be serious wt ur relatnship no one wl remain single 4 lif, propose 2 sis dose wh nids u wl stand 4 u dont abandon dem and be urself.

  21. yeah i think in terms of marriage one needs to be very careful nd pray very well because we should not be ignorance of things we know nd if for me i think what afolabi busayo said as regards the sisters in gofamint is right

  22. Ayodele Gifted Olorunsegunfunmi
    Jun 19 2013

    Uhmmmmm?!With my discovery,most of our ladies i meet outside don’t portray the core values of the Church,what they’r teachn us,they don’t upheld them,u don’t see it them manifesting!Do u wants such as an house wife/mother?!And to brothers,some’r not bn sincere and don’t kn wn God’s leading,hence they follow their intuitions!Thanks!


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