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February 26, 2013

What All 2013 JAMB Candidate Must Know.(it’s very important)

by Admin

The statistics of annual applicants to the University Matriculation Examination (UTME) keep increasing, shooting to over one million, with more than 40% increase on a yearly basis. See why you should do all you have to quickly get admission into your chosen institution and move on with your life?

Every new year, you have more people fighting to gain a space in the Tertiary Institution.

This year, (2013) JAMB exam, more than one million Nigerian school-leavers who had already queued up their information on the JAMB portal are gearing up for the JAMB-UTME examination which has been scheduled hold on the 27th of April 2013.

Now, the question everyone is asking, who is going to make the Jamb cut-off mark for 2013/2014 Session?

from the recently concluded Survey, it was discover that about 50 per cent of the total number of candidates pass JAMB examination yearly, but another question is; do this same number students gain admission into the available spaces in the Nigerian Universities/Polytechnics? Of course, you and I know that the answer is a Capital NO!!

But from this content, Central Base Network has decided to share with it’s Numerous readers the secret on how to be part of the winning team.

The instructions provided below are very important, if you take them seriously, your destiny will be in your hands. Not in the hands of Jamb officials.

*1. Ensure you Read harder and browse through educational materials which includes jamb past question papers available in the market. (we recommend that you purchase the Hard Copy.) don’t just purchase it and dumb it! Make sure you practice the questions and get familiar on how JAMB set their examination.

*2. Find out the areas that gives you the most problems and try to tackle it. If it is maths, then solve it! if it is accounting, then solve it!

*3. Like We stated above, read jamb past question papers to have a feel of it. It is very adviceable that you study jamb past questions papers and answers.

*4. Speed is very important, ensure you test yourself to see how you can tackle one question in a sec or minute. Also take in mind the accuracy.

*5. If you are writing your jamb examination on the city/state you lives in, it is adviceable that you locate the Jamb center, atleast three days before the examination.

This will boost your confidence and not make you look like a JJC on the day of the exam.

*6. However, if your jamb center is far from your location, you are advice to make adequate arrangements to be there a day or two before the examination. Trying to find out your jamb center on the day of the examination might give you heart attack. (now you don’t want that?)

*7. On the day of the examination, ensure you follow the instructions outlined by the instructors.

*8. When you are given your jamb question paper, it is adviceable to start with the QUESTIONS YOU KNOW VERY WELL before tackling the others. And you are to be conscious of time as we stated above.

The instructions stated above will certainly help you to achieve success in your exams. But if you are still unsure if whether you can reach upto the cut-off mark of your preferred university, then you should seek the help of BUSY BRAIN NETWORK SERVICE (BBNS).

Their service is extremely cheap for students to afford and they have always kept to their promises by providing currect answers to the exam questions in all subjects one hour before the exam starts. With their service, you don’t have to worry about whether you will make all your subjects or reach upto 280 in your JAMB exam because they have the best sources that is 100% determind to assist you. And don’t forget that they will definitely send to you all the exam answers one hour before the exam starts. So, make the right choice today by saying no to failure!

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