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January 1, 2013


by Admin

amazingAt the risk of sounding like a simple cliché, I think it is worth noting that God is amazing.  Before you amen that statement, let me explain what I mean.

I think we really, really know that God is amazing, but often times live as though He’s out of style, limited in power, and may not really understand our plight.

When we think about who God is, we cognitively understand that He serves as the creator of the world.  In Genesis, we immediately understand, “In the beginning, God created…”  In a very rational way, we understand that God is omniscient, which is to say, that God knows all.  But I wonder if we allow this insight to move into an applied approach in our lives.

There are many believers who, on a day-to-day basis, are living marginal lives.  Marginal in the sense that we are almost liken to being robots.  We have a standard day-to-day routine that calls us to wake up rushing, maintain to-do lists, have canned and shallow responses to interpersonal communication, keeping people at a distance, working on and in jobs that stifle our passions and slowly suck the life out of our divine assignments.  We approach life by existing, but not necessarily thriving and actually living.  We enjoy vacations, but are still overwhelmed, tired, and have no room to breathe.  We engage in people in only transactional ways versus experiential ways.  We set goals that push us to accomplish things that appear successful for others, but not really what God calls us to.  For most of us life is no longer refreshing.

So, we know that God amazing and awesome, but we don’t always live like it.  How do make the transition from average living to a life of the amazing?

1. Spend time with God with no agenda.

In most cases, our time with God is filled with our agenda and pains, along with our idea of working for God.  Many believers struggle to engage God in a way that invites Him to freely speak to us.  Let’s make an immediate change to invite God to invest in our lives not just us unloading on Him all of the time.

2. Learn to say No!

When you become clear on God’s unique call for your life, you are able to reduce the ‘noise’ of the things that you may be doing, but are not called to do.  Take some time to evaluate what keeps you busy and running and ask “Should I be doing this?” and “Do I have God’s permission to do this right now?”  As you ask and get answers to those questions (and others), you can then say No to the things that don’t fit in your life.  Sometimes that includes people.

3. Invest in people

None of us are meant to live life alone.  None of us are meant to engage in the ups and downs in life without having someone physically to enjoy, engage, and uplift us in those times.  Too many people have accepted Christ, but have not accepted other Christians.  It is very important and highly spiritual to also be connected to the right people in life.  Invite God to send you and show you those people.

4. Pursue God’s passion for your life.

There’s no greater joy that you’ll get in life than to obey God.  At the time of your conception and development in your mother’s womb, God was uniquely crafting your unique purpose assignment in life.  Your passion in life comes from that purpose.  Pursuing that will be the only things that fulfills you to your core.

These things and others shows a clear understanding of having a fear of God.  Most of us minimally see fear as just a humble admiration for God.  But today, I invite you to see the fear of God as the ultimate igniter of pursuing everything beyond just average.  God calls us to be like Him – amazing!

“Let those who fear the Lord say:His love endures forever.”Psalm 118:4

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