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August 19, 2012


The kingdom Church in a Changing World: A Story of New Era

by Admin

It’s been a story and a movement into new era in various ways, in actual sense the lingua franca of every convention participant has been framed around the new era syndrome, it’s really be spreading like a wide-fire. Of a truth, there is a shift in paradigm, spiritually it is so obvious, materially, cars are too many to be unreal, and when it comes to the financial region, vows and donations in millions and hundreds of thousand under this convention are revelations that are self-explanatory.

For me, this year convention theme is; the kingdom church in a changing church: a story and dynamics of new era. Respect, no doubt to the theme (The kingdom church in a changing world), that our father in the Lord, Pastor (Dr.) E.O Abina gave through the inspiration of holy-spirit, however, it looks like the continuation or the concluding part of what he also mentioned during the closing service of last year convention,” it is a season of new era”. Many good things has actually happen which have justified the efficacy of the spirit inspired utterance from our Father in the Lord. This convention has a ballpark estimate of hundred thousand participants. It has really being a compendium of blessing in this “new era  convention”, as a matter of fact, each participant belong to one group or the other who has gallantly marched into new era of substantive sorts. It has being a massive movement from old era to new era. The exodus includes the movement of 183 women from barrenness to fruit-fullness, 276 people were moved to higher post in their places of work, 1002 became landlords and owners, 305 people bought new car, 452 students travelled on the “new era” prophetic bus to their various higher institutions of learning, 65 applicants boarded the same luxurious bus and alighted at various places of employment, 142 participants were at the Jordan, this time not to be baptised by John nor even the G.O, but by the holy spirit under the ministration of our G.O.

The exodus may not bring that different joy which the bible says erupts in heaven, if there was not a movement or exodus of participants from the old era of sin to the new era of new creature – the number is over a thousand. The list will actually go on and on if I am to mention all. However, it has been a convention of new era on the whole.

My analysis may be malnourished, if I do not talk about one special thing that specially and enhancively defined the “new era” movement. Gofamint has also moved to an era of effective and crystal clear live-stream on the internet, thanks to Okikijesu ( and also ( Heritage broadcasting network (HBN) also added a bright colour to the new era convention.

It has been GOFAMINT convention of new era and today is the last day, note this, that the end of a thing is always greater than the beginning, therefore, if you have not been experiencing new things, it is high time you joined the “new era” prophetic vehicle, the password is FAITH. Put your feet into the prophetic utterances of our daddy G.O. and you shall surely enjoy new era in every sphere of your life. Be prepared for this season prophetic utterances and God will surely be with you. I wish you journey mercies as you go back to your destination. God bless you. Go and make a change in your world.


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  1. Adegbesan Oluwaseun
    Sep 14 2012

    We realy thank God for what He has does in the convetion of this year, and also all the prophetic prayer rainig to the life of individual, we comfirm this year convetion as a new era to every one. Thanks so much Gideon for this your effort.

  2. femi aribisala
    Oct 24 2012

    4 me i tank God 4 d life of our g.o i pray God will comtinue e strnth u i tank s dis yr convection it does many tis inme

  3. Nov 11 2012



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