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August 17, 2012


I Am A National Servant Not A National Overseer – Pastor Sunday Adu

by Admin

An interview with Pastor Sunday Joseph Adu, the National Overseer of gofamint United State of America, by Heritage Broadcasting Network.

H B N: You are welcome to this interview sir, I think that our questions will be considered as a way to help the church to move forward, Sir, can you please tell us your name?

Pastor Adu: My names are Pastor Joseph Adu.

H B N: Please we will like to ask about life in United State of America, how long, and what are the challenges and confrontations you encounter?

Pastor Adu: I deplored to United states of America precisely May 20th 1996, it is fifteen years plus now, and it has been a wonderful time even though there are challenges, but what have come to understand is that, once you live your life according to the principles of the scripture and under the power of the holy spirit, there is no challenge you cannot overcome because the scripture changes your mindset, and that will give you the ability to withstand all challenges.

H B N: We heard about the latest positive development that happened, and we cannot quickly come into conclusion that, you were made the national overseer immediately you got there, we really want to congratulate you on that, and we want to look at it, the office and portfolio, can you please tell us some things you have rolled up your sleeves, and your doings over there as the national overseer of U.S.A?

Pastor Adu: One thing I want you to know is that; I went to U.S.A about sixteen years ago, and when I got there, I was made the assistant pastor of the headquarter church to a man of God that has been there, there was another constitution whereby I was made the resident pastor of the headquarter church and under a senior pastor, dynamic senior pastor, Pastor Peter Odagbodo, who doubles as the associate national overseer and I served under him for fifteen years, have said that to say this; Ministry is not a place for ambitious people, be where God wants you to be, and at the right time, the lord knows how to lift you up. And coming to the issue of national overseer, that was an office I never thought I would occupied, but I believe I was made the national overseer by divine arrangement, but one thing I believe is that in the kingdom of God the leader is the servant, so what I always tell people is that am not a national overseer but a national servant. I have been serving a local assembly, though operating on a different capacity, but now am going to be serving a whole nation, a whole continent because is not America alone, it includes Canada.

H B N: Sir, what is the numerical strength, how many churches belongs to GOFAMINT in the united states of America?

Pastor Adu: Before saying that, there was something I left, I was installed the national overseer on the 22nd of July 2012, the last day of our convention, and my appointment letter takes effect on august 1st 2012, and today is august 9th, that means am just like seven days in office, so it is something very new, but based on the meeting I had with the general secretary of the board over there, we have a lot of things in stock. I will say we have 15 – 16 churches combining the one of Canada with it,which is just at budding stage. 15 in united states of America and 1 in Canada.

H B N: The area of your service is not limited to America alone, it covers Canada,so we are not looking into the issue of national overseer or national servant as it were, but a continental office you occupy now.

Pastor Adu: `According to the constitution of GOFAMINT, there’s nothing like continental overseer, but what it is saying is that, even though I resided in the united states of America, the scope of my work covers Canada, and we are believing God that Canada will grow, because it is a nation on it on, and have a national overseer of her own. In the U.S.A my scope covers the whole fifty states, and we are going to extend to all the fifty states by the grace of God.

H B N: Where is the headquarter of the region you cover Sir?

Pastor Adu: The headquarter is in Maryland, and that’s the church have been graced by the grace of God, and it is a wonderful assembly, if not for the limitation of my personality and my principles, they would have remove their eye to give me, they love me so much, we called it house of hope.

H B N: Sir, I want to ask, what’s the numerical strength of house of hope?

Pastor Adu: We are just a little bit below three hundred.

H B N: When I was surfing the website (house of hope) I discover that there are so many programs going on there, like excursion, so we want to hear some about it.

Pastor Adu: Our mandate in house of hope is building strong people, the mandate is holistic, the mandate is inter general and global, and we believe in bringing the youth on board, and the national youth pastor happens to be in house of hope as well, so we operate as a national body, we have developed the youth to the extent that when they have national programs, speakers come from them, and they minister to themselves.

H B N: Sir, what are the financial implications of planting church in U.S.A, how does the U.S.A church benefit the parent body.

Pastor Adu: As the church grows, the resources multiplies, Thank God we have moved from dependent to independent, and it doesn’t end there, we are moving to interdependent, for example, when a child is born, he depends on his parent, and at a point, he won’t depend on the parent anymore, in other words we can now stay on our own without depending on the parent church to help us anymore, and by the grace of God, we are moving to a level of interdependent, where we begin to sow bountifully back, and we have been doing that, by the grace of God, we supported this year convention with 1700 dollars and many other things we have been doing, and will pray that God will help us.

H B N: Sir, we are still on the issue of rigmarole effect, when we look at the music department in Nigeria here, we all know that we have not arrive to the level we are suppose to be, and we discovers that it happens there to get the quality type of music, what is your region doing on how to improve our local music in GOFAMINT Nigeria?

Pastor Adu: First and foremost, I want to say, since I came into this convention, I have seen a great improvement, from traditional music to depend on contemporary and traditional music, and that’s a great improvement, over there our music is at the budding stage compared to the one in the society, and I believe as we partner together, we going to get more things done, I believe that’s the wisest way of approaching the question.

H B N: Sir, I don’t know maybe you’ve heard about GNG (Gofamint Nehemiah Generation), under this column, we have many sectors, like immigration; moving our youth and empowering them, they have scholarships and so on, I don’t know maybe one time or the other, house of hope is planning a kind of immigration program to help our youth here, and if it is not on ground, I want to hear your opinion about this issue.

Pastor Adu: We have been able to accommodate youths that come over there until they are established, I believe that the best way to help a system is not to escape the system, this will be my 40th year in GOFAMINT, and I have never thought about leaving, anything God has deposited in me, am going to stay and use it. I want to` see the next generation having a change of mindset, when you love, you don’t have alternative, is not that we don’t have youth in America, but when they got there, they always see it as a way to escape from the mission, so the moment they got there, they just go to another denomination, coming to United states, we have some limitations, governmental limitations, they cannot just come,  they must have a credible part way, is either through lottery, scholarships and so on, we want to appeal to our youth that once they have the part way open, they should let us know, and in any way we could help,by the grace of God we would.

H B N: Thank you very much Sir, we really enjoy the time we had with you, and we hope next time we call upon you, when u are around, you will do us a favour of making yourself available.

Pastor Adu: you are always welcome.
By Taiwo Moses Ayodele

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  1. Mar 4 2013

    I love my church gofamint

  2. Ibk blessing
    Mar 23 2013

    The church of God in moving on.
    Just as the pastor made his decision to stand for Gofamint, I am commending we youth to also stand for the righnt desision that can help the church, getting oppotunity to go abroad it’s also an oppotunity for us to spread the Gospel.
    Long live Gofamint.

  3. Ogunjinmi Johnson
    May 8 2013

    God will help Us


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