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August 12, 2012



by Admin

By Pastor [Dr] E.O ABINA

TEXT: ACT 2: 37-39

The importance of the Holy Spirit is so much that we cannot make a list of all. He is the overseer of the church. Holy Spirit is the fulfillment of the father. The Holy Spirit is very significant in the life of Christians, especially if they want be used by God. During the baptism of our lord Jesus Christ, there were four significant things that happened, and they are:

  • The water baptism of Jesus,
  • The holy spirit baptism
  • The approval of the father
  • There was also opened heavens

Jesus never went into the ministry without first being baptized both by water and also with the holy spirit just because he knows the significance of these baptism, and if he can do just that, how much more we his children. Most, in fact all of the miracles and signs Christ did were due to the presence of the Holy Spirit. A very good example is in the book of Acts of Apostle, when the apostles were awaiting the baptism of the Holy Spirit which is the promise of the father, they all obeyed Christ and went to the upper room. Peter who was formally a coward, who denied Christ three times as said by Christ, now became someone who spoke with boldness and with the power of the Holy Ghost that day, souls were won for Christ. There is an important thing about this upper room experience, which is the presence of both gender meaning both males and females were present then and there, this shows that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is not only for neither males nor females both for both genders, which means that the Holy Spirit doesn’t discriminate. Brethren, when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will not be that same person people used to know you for, you will be another person entirely. In the history of this mission, at the initial or early life, they were naive of the experience and works of the Holy Ghost, but a missionary was invited for a programe in the church, this man gave them an insight to the power and works of the Holy Spirit. And later on, like the day of Pentecost, it happened again. Each time someone says that there is no more Holy Spirit baptism of experience, we should be able to say without doubt that there and there will always be. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to convince and convert people, not our job or duties. After receiving the spirit of adoption, the next thing to receive is the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and we all must be witness of this. All life endeavors will be easy with the presence of the Holy Spirit. The apostles partnered with the Holy Spirit and they were successful, and also many men of God didn’t not record any regret of partnership with the Holy Spirit. In conclusion, the Holy Spirit leaves speaking in tongues as an evidence of the Holy Spirit.

By Adesina Olanrewaju

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  1. Aug 18 2012

    Thanks to the name of the lord for this message, it really enlightened everyone on the importance of the holy spirit. thanks to Daddy GO for this message, God bless you, God bless Gofamit at large,God bless everyone.

  2. Aderemi ezekiel
    Aug 23 2012

    Fanx u papa 4 makin us to know about d work of d holy, i pray dat d anointin wil never run dry in jesus name.


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