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August 12, 2012


If We Don’t Inject Youths Into The System!

by Admin

This an interview with Elder, S.S Folarin, the national choir master of The Gospel Faith Mission Int’l. (GOFAMINT), By Heritage Broadcasting Network (HBN).
HBN: Can we meet you Sir? We are from Heritage Broadcasting Network,(HBN).

Elder S.S Folarin: I am Elder S.S Folarin, the national choir master of The Gospel Faith Mission Int’l.

HBN: You’ve just being installed the leader of the unit, what are the challenges and the little changes you’ve brought to the unit?

Elder S.S Folarin: The little changes I have brought to the unit is that; if you look at the convention, there is a difference in the music system this year, because we are introducing new people into the Exco system, formally we don’t have sisters, but we now have two sisters among us, and we have youths with us, the youths that are musically talented are also assisting us, and as we all know, there is a great change in this year choir concert, and formerly we operate on zonal basis but now we operate on regional level, and the regional choir masters are really co-operating.

HBN: Sir we heard that the choirs are still operating on borrowing instruments, why is this so?

Elder S.S Folarin: We have to borrow this instruments because the ones that we have are not up to our standard,(Gofamint standard), those ones we borrow, is for one of the Gofamint members who has it, but we are believing God that by next year we will have our own standard instruments, even better than that, and stop borrowing.

HBN: Sir, The numerical strength of the choir that roped this year is low, compared to the ones that roped last year, why is this so? And is there any point in minimizing choirs for a big conference like this?

Elder S.S Folarin: yes, there is a point, reduction in number give us more quality, if you observed in 2010, we are about seven hundred that officiated, last year we reduced it to about five hundred and fifty, this year all of us on seat is 475 , and with that the discipline is getting more better for instance in a region, about 500 to 1000 come from each region for rehearsal, and we only call for 50, so they will have to give us only the best 50 and if only the best come together, we all know that the ministration will be excellent, and as we are reducing the number there are more discipline.

H B N: How have you been able to establish a fluent leader to worker relationship and how have you been able to settle internal dispute?

Elder S.S Folarin: within the excos we don’t have any dispute because we are matured people and majority of us are ministers except the youths that joined us, there is a cordial relationship between us even with the other units and departments of the mission.

HBN: why is the need to inject youths into the exco system? and what do you expect from them.

Elder S.S Folarin: if we don’t inject youths into the system, then we are killing the system, like the former national choir master, in person of Late pa Fakumolu, he said it was in the olden days that they say elephant does not blow whistle and the child should also blow that in these days when the elephant is blowing whistle the child will also blow and if the child is wrong the elephant will correct him so that when the elephant is gone the child will be able to blow whistle very well, and we are still appealing to our youths, those that are musically talented that they should come and join us, and as they do, we will be making good use of them.

HBN: Sir, the other time we were talking about instruments and you said they were borrowed. Were they borrowed or rented, as in maybe they were been paid for, or given free of charge?

Elder S.S Folarin: All the instruments we are using, that we borrowed, are given to us free of charge, the brother did not collect any penny, and he is a member of this great mission.

HBN: A call was made yesterday during the concert to support the choir ministry, how far has the church gone in helping the choir, and if they have not gone far, what will be your appeal?

Elder S.S Folarin: Well, as for now, I don’t know how much the money is, because is the account department that will count the money, tomorrow I will ask the account manager for the figure, but I believe God that in this new era things will change, because what happened yesterday has not happen before in the history of choir, someone single handedly donated five hundred thousand naira to the choir, and I know our people will still do better, and by God’s grace next year, we will be having our own instruments, standard drums, standard keyboards and so on.

HBN: What do you want to tell those that are reading online or listening online as we bring this interview to a close.

Elder S.S Folarin: For those that are listening or reading online, we want them to assist the national choirs, in prayer, financially and even by advise because money is not all, because want we want is, building a standard national choir, not picking from region to region, that when we need them, we will just call them, and my prayer for them is that, as they are sowing into choir ministry, God will also sow bountifully into their life in Jesus Name (AMEN).

HBN: Thank you very much Sir, it has been a nice time with you.

Interviewers: Adesina Olarenwaju and Olaoluwa Stephen (HBN).

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  1. Aug 27 2012

    Thanks to almighty God for how he has helped the music ministry this year, i pray that he wil continue to help and uphold us in Jesus name. AMEN


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