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August 11, 2012

THE KINGDOM CHURCH: GOFAMINT, a purpose-driven church

by Admin

By Pastor [Dr] Elijah Abina

We believe that it is the will of God for this church to stand as a visit. GOFAMINT is a purpose- drive church which is not without aims, objectives and goals. Therefore, all member of this church should be purpose- driven and ready to contribute their quota with our God-given gifts, natural talents and other resources. GOFAMINT CORE VALUES include: outreach, worship, fellowship, discipleship and service. There is tee need for leaders and members to revisit these values which we tend to have lost great. The church is losing its spiritual values now. However, a kingdom oriental church must not place values on material things. Notably in this new era, GOFAMINT is going to what is known as: transformational discipleship. We are to be transformed inside out but not outside in. if you are really transferred inside it will reflect outside through your dressing. However; Christians should both be bothered about their outside and inside. There is the need for church members to have a clear understanding of what the GOFAMINT statement of purpose stand for. The statement of purpose is not meant for recitation. Instead, is should be practiced.

Preaching can be a gift but witnessing is not a gift. Therefore, we must all be ready to share the gospel of Christ with all and sundry. Evangelism is the soul of church growth and must therefore be taken seriously.

Service is Christianity in action and practice. We are all supposed to be active in serving God. It is expedient for members to take care of their leaders, but leaders too should not be too demanding. Leaders should see themselves as servants while the followers follow suit too. A true member of GOFAMINT should not only append his signature on the statement of purpose but must also put it to practice.

We should take note of the five membership covenants of this church. The covenants include: Covenant of service, Covenant of commitment, covenant of faithfulness, covenant of defense and covenant of responsibility.

We are priesthoods and vessels in the hand of God and must act as such. As a matter of compulsion,

Each local assembly should have salvation tracts for distribution.
Training of members on the art of person evangelism is a must and should be a continuous exercise.
Mondays should be set apart for evangelism and soul- winning.
Workers’ meetings should not be a time for unnecessary talking but a time for training and education.
The Elites and Professionals among us should please be ready to represent us in other Countries of the World since they are good materials for the task.

Each district or area and some big local churches should buy vehicles for evangelism, equip them and let youths get busy in evangelization and soul-winning work.
Our Evangelists should work like Philip, preaching the word of God and bringing people to the church. They should not Just be concerned with the money they collect when they go for outside ministrations and revival.

– Tayo Olowojebutu [HBN]

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