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August 11, 2012



by Admin

Count your blessings, count them one by one… those are the words of a popular Hymn. GOFAMINT as a church decided to count her blessings on Saturday, the Day Six(6) of her ongoing annual Convention there we discovered that God has really been good to His church ever since the end of last year’s convention. It was indeed a harvest of thanksgiving accompanied with praises to God.

It was a moment filled with gratitude to God as various groups and categories were called out to register their praises to God for His blessings and goodness to them since the end of last year’s annual Convention. Leading the pack are the group of people who were blessed with the fruit of the womb through the prayers offered by our Father in the Lord, a total number of 141 participants came out with their babies to give thanks to the Lord.

A total number of 276 got promoted within the time frame of the last 12 months, above 1000 participants also got their different landed properties, 305 people acquired various types automobiles while 452 also gained admissions into various citadels of higher learning.
A total number of 65 participants who were applicants as at last year’s convention, but they are now gainfully employed.71 people got special blessings as a result of a special giving they gave in the course of last year’s convention while a total of 25 people got answers to their various prayer requests which they offered for people who were not present at the last convention.

It was really a bountiful harvest of souls as more than 1000 people were recorded to have given their lives to Christ under this year’s convention while 152 were recorded to have experienced the baptism of the holy spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues and a total number of 313 healing from various kinds of ailments were recorded.

First timers and non members of the church were also recognized, a total number of 129 participants were non Gofamint members who decided to share in the joy of our annual Convention while a total number of 1,280 participants were Gofamint members who were attending the annual convention for the first time.
All of these really show that the Almighty God had been so good to His church. Gofamint had counted her blessings and it is evident that definitely we are truly in the NEW ERA.

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  1. Bro. Peter Iyiola
    Aug 13 2012

    The Living Lord is realy working in our church, ‘GOFAMINT’. Even so many people didn’t have the chance to show up in order to testify to the miracle of the Lord that they recieved. May the Lord continue to empower our father in the Lord ‘the G.O. & other members of the executive. May the Lord count every one of us worthy in His kingdom.


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