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August 11, 2012

Divine Favour in The New Era

by Admin

TEXT: 1Sam 2:26, Luke 2:52, Dan 1:9, Deut 28:7-14, Psalm 102:13, Job 12:3, Eph 4:24.

Divine favour is the divine magnet that brings unquestionable blessing to mankind. Someone who lacks divine favour will live a confused and devastated life.

– You cannot be rejected when you have divine favour.
– When you enjoy divine favour, you can’t take the back seat of life.

Finding favour in life is paramount to fulfilling one’s destiny. Considering bible characters, men who wrought exploits in the bible were people who had their lives decorated with favour. Some of such people include: Jesus Christ, Daniel, Joseph and Samuel etc. Not enjoying favour with those who matter in ones destiny will make one suffer in life. [Marked for favour]- This is not based on background. God decides to show favour as it pleases him at any point in time to any person, group, church or congregation. Access to divine favour makes someone outstandingly successful on earth. Every supernatural breakthrough is a product of divine favour.

– Divine favour terminates bad stories and settings.
– Divine favour brings results that cancel every insult.
– Divine favour is the light of God shinning on an individual.

– Tayo Olowojebutu [HBN]

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