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August 11, 2012

Christian Stewardship and Commitment, Virtues to Emulate

by Admin

TEXT: Act 4:32-37, 11Cor 8:1-5, Gen 22, Act 21:10, Chro 20:20

It is important to refresh our self of what stewardship.
‘All that we have belongs to God’ that should be what a Christian should be saying.
What are the things we have?

-our movable assets are cars, machines, mobile phone etc.
-our immovable assets are houses and so on.

All we are saying is that they are all up to God, but when god says he is in need of this things we doubt it if he is the one speaking or not. We should know that all we do for people, we are doing it for God.

What is his commitment?

Commitment is the level of doing what you can do best. Your total commitment is to the church and to God. When we have this example, it could help us wherever we are.

Examples of commitment

-Nehemiah: he became the man of the moment because he was committed. Commitment deals with passion.
-Paul: he was committed in the work of God.

If we believe in the prophet, we shall prosper. We have the word and its time we do the work because those that do the work are committed

– Things to be done for commitment

Obedience: you cannot be a committed member of the church if you choose to be obedient

The love for God: love is not in the mouth. In conclusion brethren the world is dancing around and would surely come to an end one day.

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