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August 10, 2012



by Admin


TEXT: Gen 39; 41:37-46; 2kings 4:8-17, 1 Sam 2:6-8, Haggai 2:5
Change is a constant thing in life, that is why we have babyhood and adult hood, Old Testament and New Testament, God has never cease or stop changing story if you have faith.
– What does change means?
• To make or become different.
• It can also mean replacement.
• It can mean relocate.

When we are talking about one’s life, it means everything about the person. The power of the Holy Ghost will change the story of your life today. Our God is unlimited it is people that are limited.
Our God does not over promise, he said “I will open the rivers and fountains in the midst of the valley; I will make your wilderness a spring of water”. Have you been hold hostage in the wilderness, in terms of marriage, failure, academics set-back? Then I declare that your wilderness will turn to spring of waters.

– Examples of people that God change their story in the bible.
• Joseph
• The shunammite woman – 2kings 4:8-17
• The power that change your life.
• Power identification: the shunammite woman identified the prophet of the Lord, everything you ever wanted in life is around you, but you are waiting for you to discover them. By the grace of God, wherever the enemies want to put you and you did not belong, I declare that God will take you away and put you to the place you belong.
• Power of difference: your different create your season and change, the different in your life carries the key of your change. The decision that land you in your position field, take it in Jesus name. (amen)
• Power of honour: the one you honour determine your access to change.
• Power o f connection of two: when you are connected to the person that have a positive thinking can change your mind set from a low mind set to a great one you have never imagine.
Conclusively, you can’t succeed alone, Joseph and the shunammite woman were able to succeed and the story of their life changed because of the power of connection of two.
– By Olaoluwa Stephen (HBN)

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  1. Akinjole Akinwumi
    Aug 10 2012

    Wot a powerful message from d Man of God…more anointing IJN.

  2. Otokiti timothy
    Sep 10 2012

    Powerful words

  3. Bitrus
    Nov 1 2013

    What a life-changing message. God s ur strength.


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