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August 10, 2012



by Admin


GOFAMINT is a purpose driven church. This explains why we place so much emphasis on Gods words.

According to Abraham Lincoln, the bible remains that very best gift from God to man, which can never remain redundant.

Many great men of God who died many years ago described the bible severally, as the best book ever written.

The bible is sweeter than honey and far more esteemed even than any currency.

Everything that can help us in life has been written in the bible.

Many of the members who grow up in church seem to value less the doctrines of the bible.

If the children are made strong in the word of God before leaving their parent, they won’t sleep away from the truth they know even if they travel afar.

In this regards, it is good for parent to send their children to schools where the study of the bible is taken as priority.

When you search the word of God diligently, you will be able to stand firm anytime, anywhere.

Some people think that those who area righteous and holy cannot be rich but such people should remember job, who the bible describe as upright and blameless.

If you hate studying the bible, it means that you are interested in committing sin.

From the above, it should be noted that the word of God is profitable for: doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness.

Wealth is good for financing Gods work but one should be very careful as it could also be dangerous. We have so many bread sellers in our current world however, the life of man should not be about the abundance of bread, and rather, it should consist mare of deep love for God’s word.

Most believers know what constitutes sin yet, they make jest of Christians whenever such Christians fall into sin.

If you attend church regularly without giving your life to Christ, you are just wasting your time.

Marriage is an institution of and by God; it is disheartening that marriage has been bastardized in certain places in the western world, where people of the same sex are joined together in marriage. God never ordained it like that!!! Marriage should be honourable among us (Heb. 13:4) Half-naked marriage bridal gowns in marriage is part of worldliness and is not allowed in GOFAMINT.

Conclusion: our study has taken us to various ways that the word of God can be useful in our Christian life. Therefore, we should take it seriously to study and apply it.

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  1. Sep 1 2015

    Lev look nd whach out leaders


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