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August 10, 2012


GOFAMINT In New Era: Beloved, If God So Loved Us, Let Us Love One Another

by Admin


TEXT: John 3: 10, 1 John 3:14-16, Rev 2:4-5

The kingdom church is a church capable of making a lasting change in the changing world. A church could be sound in doctrine but weak in practice. Love is the tool through which the kingdom people can express God’s intention.

The new era is the time of God’s fullness in GOFAMINT. However, it is love that will take us there.

Love is the proof that we are children of God. Love is a proof that we have passed from death to life. Love is the Golden virtue that encompasses what God’s kingdom is and what it stands for.

Jesus Christ compressed the Ten Commandments into just two which love is the first and the other

If we have this understanding in the church, the kingdom of God has come. No matter what we claim to have or know, if love is not there it is just an exercise in futility. Love is the proof that God dwells in us. It is the proof that we are Disciples of Christ. Love the kingdom of identity card. Love for God is manifested by perfect obedience to is commandments. If you must enjoy God in the new era, we must show love of God and love for God. Love of the church which is manifested in the absolute love for your God. The love for the church will make you do extra ordinary for you church.

Going back memory love, there was genuine love in the church of old. It however bother one how and why; love of money, slander, backbiting, hatred, envy, disloyalty, superstition belief,  lack of passion for the word took over the old attributes of genuine love. There evil acts overcome the previous good attributes because we lost the master key. If we focus only on Christ, we would be able to love. We must love our church, GOFAMINT and pray for her always. If you love God, you will love his church.

-By Tayo Olowojebutu

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  1. Olusola Ayodele
    Aug 11 2012

    I listen to the message and was really challenged. The message was centered on love, with 3 great dimensions.
    • The love of God and for God
    • The love for one another
    • The love for the church.

    With the 3 above, our various assemblies and fellowship will experience a great outburst of believers in this new era.
    Another challenge is to the youth, who need to love the churh more than before and herald its Gospel. However, I believe, the church is blessed with large numbers of young men/women, intellectuals, and vibrant for the church to join the train of the preacher(who is a symbol for youth in the new era) in propelling GOFAMINT into that realm it dreamt to be.

    In conclusion, I am a young man who joined this church at very tender age of 10 and going towards 40 now, our Pastors are not sound again, their teachings are no longer educating, informative and contributing meaningfully to an individual who is hearing. I felt unfulflled listening to church(pastor) weekly without any impact in my life- spiritually, mentally, physically, financially and every aspect of life.

    I suggest that the leadership of the church should love us (the church next generation) to work more of their love towards this group of people of the kingdom in the new era.


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