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August 9, 2012



by Admin

-EvangE.O. Falade

Praise song “Almighty God” and with a prayer.

Furthermore he thank God and our father in the Lord for giving him the opportunity he was giving to preach, under the convention and that this year convention marks its 19th year of ministering.

  • In life you need the assistance of someone who knows your vision.
  • Speaking with our fathers in the lord has really built up my life.
  • Last year when I was preaching , he said that the lord told him that the G.O should pick up one of the flower and begin to dance and after the preaching he delivered the message, and the G.O obeyed immediately and miracle begin to happen. 3500 were healed of different problems. And this year when he was preparing for his message the Holy Spirit told him to put on new outfit to minister. And the lord use people to provide it for him. New shoes, new car, new shirt new tire. He further talked on new era; the new things will begin in your life.

–  Its a task to cross your Jordan in does days.
–  It’s easier to perform miracles than to win souls.
–  The Jordan that stands before you shall be crossed to night in Jesus name
–  Forces that hinder  you from moving to your promise land (John3: 1 – 17)
–  The need to sanctify our self just as Joshua said in the passage.
–  Stand still in Jordan cause it is not easy to cross
–  You need more than ordinary to get to your promise land.
–   It takes more than ordinary to excel in life, cause crossing your Jordan and crossing to your promise land will be a difficult thing if you don’t pray very well for the lord to help in it.
–   Jordan became a dried land for the children of Israel.
–   By miracle Elijah, Elisha and Joshua cross through the Jordan River.

Samson tearing a lion is the power of God that is why we need the power of God to do extra ordinary.

The God that has been performing miracles during my ministrations will perform lots of miracles in your life today.

–  Miss Atere Victoria

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  1. woleayo
    Aug 15 2012

    As GOFAMINT is crossing her Jordan in this new era, I Woleayo Ojo am crossing my Jordan in Jesus name. And I pray for more anoiting for ur son Pastor E O Falade and the enterie GOFAMINT in Jesus name…Amen..Long life GOFAMINT.


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