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August 8, 2012

Turning your test to testimony

by Admin


By: Pastor E.O Afolabi

Text: Gen 21:6 -7, Luke 1: 25.

-Every test is a capacity builder, life is a race, only a runner can win a race, when you stop running you start losing

-Being a Christian doesn’t exclude you from test of life, they make you stronger (James 1:2-4)

-Trials are for everyone irrespective of your status but according to Jacob there is a reason for testing you and according to James trials doesn’t last long, they are just like cloud. I pray under this program your cloud will disappear.

-Testimony is the celebration of an act of God, when God do something for you and you are sharing it in a joyful atmosphere it is called TESTIMONY

-How do trials come to our life?

a).  As a result of our desire

b).  As a result of our affection

c).   As a result of our carelessness

d).  As a result of personal challenges e.g. poverty, barrenness.

Some trials are for short time, long time even some can even follow one to grave, but they all have one characteristic which is affliction. Trials of life can never change destiny, but you need authorities to change testimonies

Ways to turn your test to testimonies

1         Go to God in prayers: To know the purpose of God while he allowed the trials. To receive strength to cope in such times like these. To ask God for divine intervention when you pray power will be release upon you.

2         There must be test before testimonies: Test is just to examine you if you are capable to move to the next level. To have faith and totally trust in God. It takes faith and total trust in God for Hannah to go to Shiloh every year even when are prayers are not answered

3         Praising and thanking God: you must not give, you must hold on to God’s promises. Face what people fear because timidity encourages adversities. It is your vision and mission that determines your destination. To choose a life a peace is a signature to choose a life of suffering because when you stop running you start losing. You must take action and pray over your trials. You must not give up until you overcome your trials. You shall overcome your trail at a set appointed time and that time is now. I once faced a trail of being childless, after a lot of prayer s my wife got pregnant, in which some people doesn’t believe and claimed it was a fibroid, but God turn that fibroid to a fine boy. No matter the test and trails, be confessing good things to your life. Today’s labour is favour. Though you are not where you want to be but you are not where you are before, that means your situation is better, you are going somewhere. Stop talking trails, start talking testimonies. What you hear will either paralyze your faith or strengthen your faith. Never allow your condition to determine your emotion. Your word determines your worth, as from today look less of men, and look more of God. Testimonies are seeds, when you plant them it brings more testimonies. What you are passing through now, someone has passed through it and overcome, so you too must overcome. After what you passing through now, light will shine in your life.

Olaoluwa Stephen and Kolade Ettah. (HBN)


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