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August 8, 2012

Teaching 2: The kingdom church; Built up and sustained by the word of God [part one]

by Admin

The church is built up by the word of God. It is this same word that will sustain the church. It is one thing to have the constitution; it is another to act in accordance to the constitution.  We have a constitution for example in Nigeria; however, people often act ultra fine to the constitution.

Just as we have a constitution to direct the affairs of a nation, the Bible remains that viable instrument supposed to guide, lead and direct the church and its people. If someone doesn’t have the word of God hidden within him or her, cannot live in accordance to the ordinance of God. If the word of God therefore abides in a man and the man obeys the word, man is guaranteed success. The word of God is not to be used as a pillow, neither is it just to be memorized but to be chewed absolutely and also well obeyed.

The word of God is just like a compass to the kingdom church. Any helicopter or airplane without a compass will definitely lose direction. Other books are written for information, but the bible is written for transformation.

In some places, people use some other names to pray. E.g Abraham, Gabriel e.t.c. Though Abraham was referred to as a friend of God, Christians are not supposed to pray in his name. If you know the word of God, you will not pray in the names of any human or angels but in the name of JESUS. Scientists who believe the word of God can explain how the world was created as contained in the scriptures. However, the many scientists who often try to explain creation with human knowledge do so because of their ignorance about the word of God. The word of God was written first by men as scrolls before being converted later to written books for easy accessibility.

If you look at a bible where the word is not taught, the way such congregation behaved would always be seen as contradicting the bible. The bible has been tried severally in fire and in water but it remains alive till now because the author cannot be conquered. Most Christians don’t experience the joy brought by Jesus through Christianity because they don’t obey the word. Trusting is not enough, obedience to the word is also necessary as the former; complement the later. Some Christians believe what humans tell them rather than the word of God. This is not supposed to be. If you don’t acquaint yourself with the bible, you won’t know the intention of God for you. The bible is written for our learning as Christians. Through the word, we know that a kingdom is coming which supersedes any other kingdom in this world. It is for us to learn the scriptures. People get easily deceived today because they do not take heed to the word. Youths should beware of motivational speakers who often make them stay away from the original word of God.  Youths should not listen to them, but the expressions of any speaker must be placed side-by-side with the bible to be sure of its coherency.

It is very important for us to know whom are leaders are. It is also necessary to lay credence to what our teachers teaches us especially when such teachers do what they teach us. Living the life of the word, makes one a definite, true, and authentic Christian. Don’t expect to be loved by everybody when you are living a complete Christian life. Some people will definitely hate you. Running from pillar to post or valley to mountain will not help any Christian. Following Jesus Christ should not be because you want money, riches, and success only but majorly because you want to make heaven. You can get those things elsewhere because most people who don’t know Christ also have them. As a child of God, you begin by taking the milk of the word. Ordinarily, the journey or race of Christianity is not easy as most preachers paint it. However, it is only made easy by the same the grace of God. It is not as if it is bad to do such but the truth is that; God is not interested in our nakedness for any reason or under any guise. Television set as become an idolized thing to many. Christians should not idolize anything neither should they place anything above the word of God.

–          By  Tayo Olowojebutu and Atere Victoria.


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