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August 8, 2012


Mission report from GOFAMINT Foreign Mission

by Admin


Pastor Thomas appreciates God for the support received from the Church over the years led by Pastor T.A. Olabode. Last year they had two landed properties with debt but now, they have settled their bills. He also appreciated Pastor Shoretire for visiting the churches in Ghana September last year.

Current progress in Ghana assemblies shows that some of the assemblies are currently having their buildings being renovated. For the first time in Ghana, the leaders of the church in Ghana got a twelve sitter bus with which people were conveyed to the convention this year.

Challenges and requests

The people in Ghana need a landed property in Demai, and this will cost about 1.2 million naira.



Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world, but they are hungry for the word. Niami, Tawa, and Tuchi are the three assemblies in Niger republic. One major challenge in Niger, is that Niger people need money. A missionary is needed to go and head the assembly in Tawa, another place is needed for fellowship. In Tuchi, they are in need of landed property and a motorcycle because the church is far to town.



The church operates under the leadership of Pastor Adebayo Giwa. We have about 70 members but we have about 45 of them as regulars. Two members have undergone baptismal classes and will soon be baptized. God keeps wrought works of salvation and healing.

In terms of progress, the church is also able to sponsor some people to convention. The church supported this year’s convention with about N100, 000.


  • High church rental rate
  • Absence of full time pastor
  • Most members are not often regular in service.



After last year’s Convention, the messages taken in Nigeria were taken back to the brethren in Cameroon. Later last year, new souls were added to the Churches on 26th January, there was a case of mental illness cure. Also during the victory month, the Lord healed a woman who has been on crushes before January 2011 due to an accident. Another woman was also healed of Arthritis in January. One of the special effects that happened last year was the baptism of some members by the Holy Ghost even before they got baptized by immersion. Members in Cameroon are so committed. This is evident in the fact that a particular member donated a space of land for us for a number of years while another person donated his first salaries for the growth of God’s work. Fifteen members have seen so far baptized and about four children were burn last year.


There are about 7 assemblies in Liberia now which are growing very fast. God provide a landed property through a sister. Currently there are about 5 landed properties in Liberia. The Liberia church was established about 2 years ago.


Last year, apart from the few motor cycles donated to help the church last year, the lord has also blessed the church with a Mazda car which has made it possible for the pastor to handle 2 churches together. We have held about 5 crusades in one of the crusades, 57 members were added to the church. 53 souls have been so far baptized this year. Approximately, there are now about 410 members in total (that is, in Sierra Leone) the Nigerian church in region 7 has been of help. About 4,000 dollars is needed as well as 2 projectors to support the growth of God’s work. 10 children were born between last year and now. Our headquarters church has been fully tiled.



Appreciate region one for their financial support. The national body has been of immerse help. Church commenced operations in March 2010. The church in Dubai started in a hotel and is still being operated in a hotel.


There are now three assemblies in the UK. Liverpool is about setting their own property. The major challenge is the need for a bus as some of the members leave in locations somewhat far from the church.

Tayo, Joy, Samson, Tola (HBN)

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  1. Egbetooto lanre
    Nov 6 2013

    the gate of hell shall not prevail. amen


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