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August 8, 2012



by Admin

It was a bright morning at the convention clinic centre, its environment when the HBN correspondent breezed into the place. There was a few numbers of patients in the waiting room with a doctor on duty. The correspondent met with one of the matrons: Mrs. Ilesanmi who shed more light on the operations and status of the clinic facilities.

She said in her speech that the clinic centers are faced with the following challenges:

  1. The size: she stressed that the size of the clinic s very small though it was situated at a good site. Furthermore, the size of the clinic is hindering the sectionaliation of the clinic as she explained that the clinic ought to have sections like the pharmacy, laboratories, labor room, and a consulting room. She therefore urged for an extension of the clinic so as to improve efficiency of the clinic.
  2. Complicated health conditions: health conditions like hypertension. She said that people should know that the clinic is at first aid level, that such cases should not be brought into the clinic as there are no facilities to handle such situations. She then in conclusion urges members to please check their health conditions before coming to the convention.
  3.  Overview of people’s turn out and patronization of the clinic facility: the Matron said that the turn out fill on the lower side. The highest illness with highest occurrence and she attributed this to the people’s. Mrs. Ilesanmi pointed it out that malaria usually accompanied with vomiting so far has the highest occurrence which might be to the fact of change in environment. The poor accommodation and consumption of contaminated food materials. Finally she advised the participant to only patronize the certified food vendors in the convention ground.

Mrs. Ilesanmi commended the personnel for the way they turn on voluntarily to work at the clinic. As at this morning the clinic is boastful of 8 competent doctors with about 15 nurses in their personnel in which a duty roster had been made to ease their operations.

Glory to God a baby boy was given birth to this morning at exact 1:10a.m. Mrs. Olorunesan from Ikirun district is the mother who just gave birth to the baby boy was so over happy and smiled while she say “A NEW BABY IN A NEW ERA”.

Akinyelu Blessing and Oyetola Olaosebikan (HBN)

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  1. Akinwumi Oluwole glory
    Aug 9 2012

    To God be d Glory ‘cos God of Gofamint answers prayers.


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