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August 7, 2012


The Miracle baby

by Admin


There is nothing impossible for God to do, there is nothing too much for him, we have been hearing great testimonies about the wonderful power of God. Heritage Broadcasting Network (HBN) in a chance meeting with Mrs. Adusi gave this life changing testimony from one of our members (GOFAMINT). Prepared by Adesina Olanrewaju and Stephen

H B N:  you want to tell us about yourself?

Mrs Adusi: I am Adusi Oluyemi Grace,I stay at Ibadan, am a member of the Gospel Faith Mission Int’l, A choir, I worship at Iwo-road district. I’m a teacher in a circular school Lagel (Lagelu Special School), I got married on the 19th of Nov. in the year 2005. God has been helping us since then, and now we have a testimony.

 H B N: the miracle baby, how, why?

Like I said, we got married in the year 2005, ever since then we’ve been waiting on God for the fruit of the womb. We tried all measures to have a baby, but all was to no avail. We waited on God with earnest prayers; medical report said that there was nothing wrong with us. The question was “what is the problem?” I had several nightmares always seeing red pepper or red cloth and the next morning, my menstrual period comes. To the glory of God, during last year convention God gave me victory over barrenness. I conceived after the convention and I gave birth to this gracious baby on the 5th of April. Praise the lord.

H B N: Challenges?

Mrs Adusi: I was faced with many challenges but I will just mention few. During the time I couldn’t conceive, people called me witch so I went to my district pastor and he prayed for me and said am not a witch but a child of God but I couldn’t believe so. I went to another place and our power house where I was prayed for, there I was told that am not a witch but it is a spiritual attack. I kept on praying until God answered my prayer. Some doctors even said I cannot bear a child for my husband because we are not compatible but God did it and gave me Favour, Oluwatumininu, Omowonuola, Inioluwa, granddaughter of Adusi.

H B N:  Advice

Mrs Adusi: My advice is that they should stay and pray at GOFAMINT because the God of GOFAMINT answers prayer, he is the one that answers mine, and I will forever be in GOFAMINT.

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  1. ayanfe paul
    Aug 8 2012

    Nice message, God bless u papa G.O

    • Aug 10 2012

      Dats my God 4 u,Baba Abina is a gr8 man of d word makin positive change 2 augment d kingdom of God….moreso,baba is a standardizd man of faith in God……more anoitn & power 2 ur elbow sir.we love u

  2. Aug 10 2012

    The God of baba Abina is a divine surgeon wu does spiritual operation witout knife.

  3. Adenike
    Jan 8 2014

    I Don’t Want To Go To Hell.That Place Is Terrible. Help Me Oh Lord


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