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August 7, 2012

THE KINGDOM CHURCH: Built by Jesus, supported By the Prophets and the Apostles.

by Admin

CONVENTION LECTURE – DAY 2 by Pastor (Prof.) S.O. Ewuola

–  The word church was coined out the Greek word: ekklesia, which is also derived from the preposition “ek” (out of) and “kaleo” (to call), therefore the church is synonymous to an out call(ing).

–   The church initially does not mean or refer to a place of worship but a group of a called out people unto God – called out from the world into God.

–  The New Testament is in the Old Testament contained and the Old Testament is in the New Testament fulfilled.

–   The church being a called out people from the world to serve God was practicalised in the life of the Israelites for God called them out of Egypt to come out to serve him.

–  The church is not supposed to exist without purpose.

–  If the called out for God fail to serve God according to His standard, such a group of people will end up being forsaken by God.

–  Shiloh in the content of Gen 49:10 was talking about a personality meaning a peace bringer or pacificator and this only reminds us of one person (JESUS).

–  Jesus defined the ownership of the church when he declared that “I will build my church”, the “I” and “MY” show Jesus full possession and ownership of the church – so this makes us to understand that the church does not belong to any man.

–  Jesus built His church by going out to meet with the sinners where they were .He preached the gospel of the kingdom to them, to repent and receive the gospel.

–  The church is a group of people who were called out of the world – those who answered the call, those who neglected everything of the world to answer the call out.

–  As of today, the only personification of peace is JESUS CHRIST.

–  In as much as God could reject Jesus Christ, how are we more special than Jesus if we move continually in sin?

–  We must emulate Christ by gathering believers.

–  The church ministry is not a one man responsibility.

By Akinyelu Blessing and Olaoluwa Stephen (HBD)

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