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Breaking Away From Bad Spending Habits!

If I want to be rich, then I should not be spending hard earned income on luxury items. But what’s the whole point of slaving ourselves over our jobs earning our salaries and not get to enjoy the fruits of our labor? We all want big screen TV’s, a great car, fantastic fashionable and great looking clothes and everything that life has to offer. But this doesn’t mean we have to have them by spending our hard earned income.

“I deserve everything that I have right now, I have worked long and hard and what I buy with my money is none of anybody’s business.” True, but then again, what you are doing now could or would probably lead you to debt and you would probably never reach your goals of financial wealth.

If we don’t keep track of our finances, spending left and right on things that can be considered frivolous or just because it’s on sale, we would be limiting our cash flow and upping our liabilities. Not only are we having unnecessary expenses, but this is not a good spending habit.

The spending habits that we have formed over the years can cause monstrous financial disaster. Every penny that we waste can pile up and force us to get loans, credit card debts and other financial problems when we do need to purchase that is a necessity. If only we had planned for the future, saved up by eliminating unnecessary expenditures, then we would have enough money to invest in assets to generate passive income. The generated passive income can then be used to fund investments and luxury items.

I personally feel that by watching and making a list of everything I spend, I would be able to account for every income that I have and have the cash flow to invest when an opportunity comes along. Using money that is taken from a loan may entail high interests that might probably be more of a liability.

When I first started out to watch over my finances down to the last dime, I saw how much money I was wasting. I could see some people spend money on many gratuitous purchases which they could live without. For what? Something that just adorns their home and is soon forgotten. Even if they got the item at a sale, the interests alone are more than what they saved.

By eliminating this unnecessary expenditures and breaking away from bad spending habits, you will be amazed at how much you will be able to save and later on use to invest for more cash flow. What I did was to determine first what I could live and not live without and what is needed to be paid first and what could be paid last.

By determining your needs, you know what you must and must not buy. I’m not saying that you should just be subsisting on bread and water, but you may have to forego eating frequently in fancy restaurants and getting takeouts most of the time. By cooking your own meals, you can portion them out to exactly what is needed for each meal and save more than 80 percent in costs and wastage.

You also have to have self-discipline. Seeing a large display saying that they have a sale is not mandatory for you to go inside the store and buy their products. If you don’t really have the need to have it, then control yourself, especially if you don’t have the money to purchase such items and you will be buying the stuff on credit. Such reckless buying impulses can pile up and drown a person.

Having proper financial literacy, you will be able to curb your unnecessary expenditures. You will see that your money can be delved into more fruitful endeavors. You don’t really have to buy two pairs of shoes of the same colour, you don’t need to have numerous sunglasses.

By taking actions, you will be able to control your finances and stop spending. You will see that with self-discipline and control, your finances would have no where to go but up.

In time, you will see that becoming financially self-reliant will have its distinct advantages. You will be your own boss and you don’t have to slave for your money or for your boss. Get out of the rat race now and be financially educated.

–  Okikijesu.


Guided By Closed Doors

As we continue our search for God’s direction – patiently waiting and actively seeking His presence – we ought to rejoice with every single step He reveals. As we draw closer to Jesus, we will desire, more and more, to only take steps which are aligned with His will.

Therefore, ANY direction from God – no matter which way He leads and no matter what method He uses to direct – should be a reason to rejoice. During his dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus, Paul received specific direction from Jesus; “get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do” (Acts 9:6). A few years later, the Holy Spirit specifically directed Paul to begin his first missionary journey; “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul {Paul} for the work to which I have called them” (Acts 13:2). Midway through his second journey, God directed Paul with peace and assurance: “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent.

For I am with you” (Acts 18:9-10). And at the end of his third journey, Paul once again received specific direction; “And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem” (Acts 20:22). God often leads us by opening doors and lighting a path for us to follow. But there are also many times when God directs by simply telling us where NOT to go. Acts 16:6-7″ Paul and his companions traveled throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia. When they came to the border of Mysia, they tried to enter Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to. “Paul was still walking with God – still being directed by His Spirit – but now God’s direction was in the form of closed doors. Paul never appeared to get discouraged when God closed a door, he simply allowed himself to be redirected toward whatever door God opened. So much of our Christian growth is a process of relinquishing control and trusting God to completely direct our life. He alone is in control of the doors; “What He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts no one can open” (Revelation 3:7).

It is a mixture of pride and foolishness that causes us to continually push on doors which God has closed. Our Heavenly Father is constantly guiding and calling us to trust Him more. He opens doors which require us to step through in faith, and closes doors which require us to patiently wait. His guiding hand is always a reason to rejoice – even when we are lovingly guided by closed doors.

May God release unto you the grace to walk with Him more. Amen.


The kingdom Church in a Changing World: A Story of New Era

It’s been a story and a movement into new era in various ways, in actual sense the lingua franca of every convention participant has been framed around the new era syndrome, it’s really be spreading like a wide-fire. Of a truth, there is a shift in paradigm, spiritually it is so obvious, materially, cars are too many to be unreal, and when it comes to the financial region, vows and donations in millions and hundreds of thousand under this convention are revelations that are self-explanatory.

For me, this year convention theme is; the kingdom church in a changing church: a story and dynamics of new era. Respect, no doubt to the theme (The kingdom church in a changing world), that our father in the Lord, Pastor (Dr.) E.O Abina gave through the inspiration of holy-spirit, however, it looks like the continuation or the concluding part of what he also mentioned during the closing service of last year convention,” it is a season of new era”. Many good things has actually happen which have justified the efficacy of the spirit inspired utterance from our Father in the Lord. This convention has a ballpark estimate of hundred thousand participants. It has really being a compendium of blessing in this “new era  convention”, as a matter of fact, each participant belong to one group or the other who has gallantly marched into new era of substantive sorts. It has being a massive movement from old era to new era. The exodus includes the movement of 183 women from barrenness to fruit-fullness, 276 people were moved to higher post in their places of work, 1002 became landlords and owners, 305 people bought new car, 452 students travelled on the “new era” prophetic bus to their various higher institutions of learning, 65 applicants boarded the same luxurious bus and alighted at various places of employment, 142 participants were at the Jordan, this time not to be baptised by John nor even the G.O, but by the holy spirit under the ministration of our G.O.

The exodus may not bring that different joy which the bible says erupts in heaven, if there was not a movement or exodus of participants from the old era of sin to the new era of new creature – the number is over a thousand. The list will actually go on and on if I am to mention all. However, it has been a convention of new era on the whole.

My analysis may be malnourished, if I do not talk about one special thing that specially and enhancively defined the “new era” movement. Gofamint has also moved to an era of effective and crystal clear live-stream on the internet, thanks to Okikijesu ( and also ( Heritage broadcasting network (HBN) also added a bright colour to the new era convention.

It has been GOFAMINT convention of new era and today is the last day, note this, that the end of a thing is always greater than the beginning, therefore, if you have not been experiencing new things, it is high time you joined the “new era” prophetic vehicle, the password is FAITH. Put your feet into the prophetic utterances of our daddy G.O. and you shall surely enjoy new era in every sphere of your life. Be prepared for this season prophetic utterances and God will surely be with you. I wish you journey mercies as you go back to your destination. God bless you. Go and make a change in your world.



I Am A National Servant Not A National Overseer – Pastor Sunday Adu

An interview with Pastor Sunday Joseph Adu, the National Overseer of gofamint United State of America, by Heritage Broadcasting Network.

H B N: You are welcome to this interview sir, I think that our questions will be considered as a way to help the church to move forward, Sir, can you please tell us your name?

Pastor Adu: My names are Pastor Joseph Adu.

H B N: Please we will like to ask about life in United State of America, how long, and what are the challenges and confrontations you encounter?

Pastor Adu: I deplored to United states of America precisely May 20th 1996, it is fifteen years plus now, and it has been a wonderful time even though there are challenges, but what have come to understand is that, once you live your life according to the principles of the scripture and under the power of the holy spirit, there is no challenge you cannot overcome because the scripture changes your mindset, and that will give you the ability to withstand all challenges.

H B N: We heard about the latest positive development that happened, and we cannot quickly come into conclusion that, you were made the national overseer immediately you got there, we really want to congratulate you on that, and we want to look at it, the office and portfolio, can you please tell us some things you have rolled up your sleeves, and your doings over there as the national overseer of U.S.A?

Pastor Adu: One thing I want you to know is that; I went to U.S.A about sixteen years ago, and when I got there, I was made the assistant pastor of the headquarter church to a man of God that has been there, there was another constitution whereby I was made the resident pastor of the headquarter church and under a senior pastor, dynamic senior pastor, Pastor Peter Odagbodo, who doubles as the associate national overseer and I served under him for fifteen years, have said that to say this; Ministry is not a place for ambitious people, be where God wants you to be, and at the right time, the lord knows how to lift you up. And coming to the issue of national overseer, that was an office I never thought I would occupied, but I believe I was made the national overseer by divine arrangement, but one thing I believe is that in the kingdom of God the leader is the servant, so what I always tell people is that am not a national overseer but a national servant. I have been serving a local assembly, though operating on a different capacity, but now am going to be serving a whole nation, a whole continent because is not America alone, it includes Canada.

H B N: Sir, what is the numerical strength, how many churches belongs to GOFAMINT in the united states of America?

Pastor Adu: Before saying that, there was something I left, I was installed the national overseer on the 22nd of July 2012, the last day of our convention, and my appointment letter takes effect on august 1st 2012, and today is august 9th, that means am just like seven days in office, so it is something very new, but based on the meeting I had with the general secretary of the board over there, we have a lot of things in stock. I will say we have 15 – 16 churches combining the one of Canada with it,which is just at budding stage. 15 in united states of America and 1 in Canada.

H B N: The area of your service is not limited to America alone, it covers Canada,so we are not looking into the issue of national overseer or national servant as it were, but a continental office you occupy now.

Pastor Adu: `According to the constitution of GOFAMINT, there’s nothing like continental overseer, but what it is saying is that, even though I resided in the united states of America, the scope of my work covers Canada, and we are believing God that Canada will grow, because it is a nation on it on, and have a national overseer of her own. In the U.S.A my scope covers the whole fifty states, and we are going to extend to all the fifty states by the grace of God.

H B N: Where is the headquarter of the region you cover Sir?

Pastor Adu: The headquarter is in Maryland, and that’s the church have been graced by the grace of God, and it is a wonderful assembly, if not for the limitation of my personality and my principles, they would have remove their eye to give me, they love me so much, we called it house of hope.

H B N: Sir, I want to ask, what’s the numerical strength of house of hope?

Pastor Adu: We are just a little bit below three hundred.

H B N: When I was surfing the website (house of hope) I discover that there are so many programs going on there, like excursion, so we want to hear some about it.

Pastor Adu: Our mandate in house of hope is building strong people, the mandate is holistic, the mandate is inter general and global, and we believe in bringing the youth on board, and the national youth pastor happens to be in house of hope as well, so we operate as a national body, we have developed the youth to the extent that when they have national programs, speakers come from them, and they minister to themselves.

H B N: Sir, what are the financial implications of planting church in U.S.A, how does the U.S.A church benefit the parent body.

Pastor Adu: As the church grows, the resources multiplies, Thank God we have moved from dependent to independent, and it doesn’t end there, we are moving to interdependent, for example, when a child is born, he depends on his parent, and at a point, he won’t depend on the parent anymore, in other words we can now stay on our own without depending on the parent church to help us anymore, and by the grace of God, we are moving to a level of interdependent, where we begin to sow bountifully back, and we have been doing that, by the grace of God, we supported this year convention with 1700 dollars and many other things we have been doing, and will pray that God will help us.

H B N: Sir, we are still on the issue of rigmarole effect, when we look at the music department in Nigeria here, we all know that we have not arrive to the level we are suppose to be, and we discovers that it happens there to get the quality type of music, what is your region doing on how to improve our local music in GOFAMINT Nigeria?

Pastor Adu: First and foremost, I want to say, since I came into this convention, I have seen a great improvement, from traditional music to depend on contemporary and traditional music, and that’s a great improvement, over there our music is at the budding stage compared to the one in the society, and I believe as we partner together, we going to get more things done, I believe that’s the wisest way of approaching the question.

H B N: Sir, I don’t know maybe you’ve heard about GNG (Gofamint Nehemiah Generation), under this column, we have many sectors, like immigration; moving our youth and empowering them, they have scholarships and so on, I don’t know maybe one time or the other, house of hope is planning a kind of immigration program to help our youth here, and if it is not on ground, I want to hear your opinion about this issue.

Pastor Adu: We have been able to accommodate youths that come over there until they are established, I believe that the best way to help a system is not to escape the system, this will be my 40th year in GOFAMINT, and I have never thought about leaving, anything God has deposited in me, am going to stay and use it. I want to` see the next generation having a change of mindset, when you love, you don’t have alternative, is not that we don’t have youth in America, but when they got there, they always see it as a way to escape from the mission, so the moment they got there, they just go to another denomination, coming to United states, we have some limitations, governmental limitations, they cannot just come,  they must have a credible part way, is either through lottery, scholarships and so on, we want to appeal to our youth that once they have the part way open, they should let us know, and in any way we could help,by the grace of God we would.

H B N: Thank you very much Sir, we really enjoy the time we had with you, and we hope next time we call upon you, when u are around, you will do us a favour of making yourself available.

Pastor Adu: you are always welcome.
By Taiwo Moses Ayodele


Churches May Be Denied Publicity in UAE – Pastor Unveils

In the midst of overwhelming joy during 56th Anniversary and 47th Annual International Convention of the Gospel Faith Mission International GOFAMINT, held at the Conference Centre, Gospel Town, Igbo Oloyin Road, Ojoo, Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria, Heritage Broadcasting Network HBN seized the opportunity of the season to engage Pastor Oluwafemi Omojugbagbe, the pastor in-charge of GOFAMINT United Arab Emirate UAE – Dubai church in an exclusive interview.

Pastor Oluwafemi Omojugbagbe said in spite the fact that UAE has high level of restrictions for non-Islamic religions in which Christianity is one, the lord has been faithful and he is strengthening the church in the region. He noted that people from GOFAMINT UAE church were yawning for this great gathering, promising that as the lord continue to bless the church, attending GOFAMINT international convention in Nigeria will become easier.

Stressing the point on restriction for non-Islamic/ Christian religion in the region, he said that Pentecostal Churches are yet to gain momentum compared with what we experience in Federal Republic of Nigeria. He explained Pentecostal churches such as the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Mountain of Fire and Miracles, MFM, Deeper Christians Life Ministry, DCLM, Assembly of God Church, AGC and GOFAMINT have their presence in the region but they were not allowed to stand on their own. UAE recognizes Roman Catholics and The Anglican and other Pentecostal Churches are strictly to operate under the said duo orthodoxies. He said mass publicity and open air crusade are denied of the Pentecostal Churches as these are considered as public disturbance. Church services hold in hotels.

Tackling the challenge, he said evangelization/founding a church is costly in terms of financing due foreign exchange rate. However, he appreciates the international Head Quarters in Nigeria for spiritual, moral and financial support.

The attitude of the UAE citizens, though, warmly welcoming the gospel, Pastor Oluwafemi Omojugbagbe said any missionary that will succeed in evangelism must takes it softly in dealing with people in UAE. He said churches in the region only strategize through special programs and personal evangelism.

He unveils GOFAMINT UAE church special programs as follows; first three days of new month, Sunday special services amongst others. He noted that numerical strength of the church is encouraging at each special service though church is still running unanimous service for now.

He told HBN that men in the church are encouraged to be committed to God’s work. He noted that large numbers of committed men in the church now handle church works, even sensitive some. He said this was done to let the people have sense of belonging to GOFAMINT and get matured for God’s rewards

Showing his coldness, he retorts, people at home are not properly informed on GOFAMINT UAE church matters. On this Pastor Oluwafemi Omojugbagbe gives a link at which people could reach UAE church, – E-mail:,, sfacebook: group – gofamintdubaii, and gofamintchspelofliberation. He urges people to get in touch via the links. He further advised GOFAMINT NIGERIA emigrants to Dubai to find it a good time to visit UAE – Dubai church.

He really appreciate the convention planning/working committee for security put in place and job well done in this year convention.

–  By Taiwo Moses Ayodele


GLS Online Registration Page


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By Pastor [Dr] E.O ABINA

TEXT: ACT 2: 37-39

The importance of the Holy Spirit is so much that we cannot make a list of all. He is the overseer of the church. Holy Spirit is the fulfillment of the father. The Holy Spirit is very significant in the life of Christians, especially if they want be used by God. During the baptism of our lord Jesus Christ, there were four significant things that happened, and they are:

  • The water baptism of Jesus,
  • The holy spirit baptism
  • The approval of the father
  • There was also opened heavens

Jesus never went into the ministry without first being baptized both by water and also with the holy spirit just because he knows the significance of these baptism, and if he can do just that, how much more we his children. Most, in fact all of the miracles and signs Christ did were due to the presence of the Holy Spirit. A very good example is in the book of Acts of Apostle, when the apostles were awaiting the baptism of the Holy Spirit which is the promise of the father, they all obeyed Christ and went to the upper room. Peter who was formally a coward, who denied Christ three times as said by Christ, now became someone who spoke with boldness and with the power of the Holy Ghost that day, souls were won for Christ. There is an important thing about this upper room experience, which is the presence of both gender meaning both males and females were present then and there, this shows that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is not only for neither males nor females both for both genders, which means that the Holy Spirit doesn’t discriminate. Brethren, when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will not be that same person people used to know you for, you will be another person entirely. In the history of this mission, at the initial or early life, they were naive of the experience and works of the Holy Ghost, but a missionary was invited for a programe in the church, this man gave them an insight to the power and works of the Holy Spirit. And later on, like the day of Pentecost, it happened again. Each time someone says that there is no more Holy Spirit baptism of experience, we should be able to say without doubt that there and there will always be. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to convince and convert people, not our job or duties. After receiving the spirit of adoption, the next thing to receive is the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and we all must be witness of this. All life endeavors will be easy with the presence of the Holy Spirit. The apostles partnered with the Holy Spirit and they were successful, and also many men of God didn’t not record any regret of partnership with the Holy Spirit. In conclusion, the Holy Spirit leaves speaking in tongues as an evidence of the Holy Spirit.

By Adesina Olanrewaju