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August 25, 2011


Love and Trust

by Admin

“If you love Me, you will keep (obey, observe, apply) My commandments (laws). John 14:15

“If you love me, then you will keep my commands” wasn’t just a suggestion from Jesus. He was an order. He wants you to show your love by following the guidelines He set. Obedience is a very popular theme in the Bible. There is definitely a connection between love and obedience; the only way to prove your love to Christ is to obey Him. Obedience includes doing God’s will even when it doesn’t align with the plan you make for your own life. Friend, loving God involves total (complete, absolute, no reservations) surrender. There isn’t any other way around it. God created all that exist (Gen 1, Heb 11:3) the Alpha and the Omega (Revelation 22:13), the Beginning and the End (Revelation 1:8) and He is the Author of all things (Hebrews 2:10). Who else would you prefer to trust? Who else deserves your trust?

Many people trust God with the big issue of eternal life, but they do not trust Him in the little things; like their relationships, their jobs, their physical and emotional wholeness and they certainly don’t trust God with their finances. They just don’t understand what kind of God He is. I am talking about the God who sent His son (the Lord Jesus Christ) to suffer and die on the cross in order to save those who believe in Him. I am speaking of a God who is known to stop at nothing when it comes to delivering one of His own (David, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to mention just a few). He is the God who brought people back to life, and the One who gave life. He is a powerful God. He can shake mountains and yet brings tranquility to your trouble heart. It is wise to trust Him. Don’t be like those who believe that they know more then the Creator and those who constantly try to manipulate the circumstances of their lives, but are often left frustrated, defeated and overwhelmed. The creation CANNOT be greater than the Creator. There is no better God than Jehovah! You can trust Him.

Most people cannot love God because they have been hurt before, sometimes by a teacher, parents and/or people who were supposed to love and protect them. They are afraid, but you should know by now that the Lord always honors His Word, and will never fail to honor His end of the promise. He promised to be with you and to never leave you and He will keep that promise. He has proven His love in a big way (Calvary). Knowing this should take a tremendous load off of your shoulders. You are not alone. Prove your love by obeying Him. Let God assist you in your decision-making. Let God encourage you in your time of discouragement. Let God lift you up when you are down. Let God build you up when you are broken. Let God comfort you when you are oppressed and depressed. Let God give you direction when you are lost. My dear friend let God listen when no one else Let God in when every other door is closed. Surrender your pride, fear, hopes and dreams to His command. It is time to move aside and finally let God lead. You are the clay, and He is the potter. You are a reflection of His love, made for His glory. It’s time to stop having your own way, and start doing things God’s way. And what is God’s way? To love, obey and trust Him and God’s way is that you believe in Jesus Christ, and receive His FREE GIFT of eternal life.

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