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August 3, 2011


Mission Report Updates (Foreign Land)

by Admin

Over 22 motorcycles were brought and distributed for missionaries in and out the country. “owo ni okada iyinrere” not “owo ni keke iyinrere”. Each region donated at least two or one motorcycles, and also two from the United States of America with the amount of one thousand two hundred dollars and it was used to get the motorcycles, Reports of motorcycle bought last year.


Pastor A.K. Giwa – Botswana

Appreciation to the church of God and the General Overseer E.O. Abina for the growth of the church in Botswana which the church started a sitting room to now a fine building which can occupy over 55 congregation or members.

Pastor Ogunwole – Liberia

Thou passing through the racial discrimination which occurs at Liberia whereby the church was almost closed down, we thank God for what he is doing in Liberia, thou we have project to do but we have over 7 assemblies in Liberia. The work of God is progressing thou we have lot of confrontations; we can still thank God that he is working with us. There is survival and revival in Liberia.


Pastor Taiwo Ajadi – Australia

There is always a migration in the country whereby the children of God from Africa are free to migrate as a professional person. By God’s grace the city of Australia shall be able to send purses to the church contribution.

Niger Republic

Though we had a land but our place of worship is very small, borehole and power generator is needed, we need someone who can train our people there.


Thomas Olabode-Ghana

God has been helping them and they have been performing baptism. God has been helping them in the purchase of evangelical instrument. About two and half years ago they purchase a land property and by now they have up to four landed properties.

Philip Akinola-Sierra Leone

Before the pastor got there they were about 70people but now they are up to 100. God also added to their assemblies and they have headquartered.



By; Yewhenu Senami/Olaosebikan Oyetola (HBN)

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  1. There are still more land to cover. Gofamint ride on, Pastor Dr E O Abina, God is your strenght. Praise God.

  2. Aderemi Ariyo
    Dec 15 2011



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