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August 3, 2011

Highlight Of Teaching 2: The Beginning Of Man’s Sorrow And Relegation

by Admin

Speaker: General Overseer Pastor (Dr) E.O. Abina

Day 3 Teaching 2 by Daddy G.O.

Click the link above to watch the live recorded video of this message.

Why and how the world became what we now witness is the purpose of this chapter. Accordingly, the sin of the Adam affects the destiny of whole world. He noted that the sin of Adam still affecting the world today. Furthermore, Achans’ sin affected a whole lot of people and it was not only Achan that face the consequences of his sin, it affected his own family. They were stoned to death and burnt to ashes. “David unauthorized census lead about 7000 people dead, why? Because God did not authorized the census. Consider this with what you are doing in the secret. In your our view, you can call it any other name sin is sinful and it everywhere”.

Sin cause Adam and Eve lost the paradise God prepared for them. The glory of God departed from them because of just a little sin. So is what sin and sinful nature can do to any man who is indulging in sin.

Conclusively, the sad story of the disobedience of our first parents paved way for sorrow, poverty, death, misfortunes and untold hardship to mankind. Adam and eve were forever banished form the tree of life and the presence of God. What a tragedy on the human race. Sin brings relegation, disgrace, losses and eternal separation from God. We should therefore not take the sin matter with levity or lightly.

Prayer point

Lord turns my weak points to my winning points…

By: Yewhenu Senami / Oyetunde Joy/ Adesina Olanrewaju (HBN)

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