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August 3, 2011

Highlight of Hour Of Discovery: All Things Work Together For Good

by Admin

Speaker: Pastor E.O. Afolabi

There are reasons for every season for life. The Lord interrupt man’s plan in order to fulfill his own plan. If you are dejected about your present situation then you are not aiming for a better life. The reason for negative circumstances, it is for you to be able to appreciate God when better things occur.


Anything imaginable is achievable.  A time Christian must be a future thinker; to be heavy in spirit is to be too slow in the earthy ways, to turn adverse situation to better ones, you need:

  • Faith: without this frustration and calamity are inevitable. When faith is not intact then miracle is not guarantee
  • Prayer: when prayer goes up blessing comes down, when prayer is said problem is solved, when you know how to pray, you can turn every circumstances around.
  • Praises: when you are in problem, learn how to praise God instead of speaking blaspheme. Praise is very powerful because when one is attached it means you are relevant, so when you are facing troubles, know how to thank God. Praise is a raw material for making men.


  • Divine lifting
  • Restoration of lost glory
  • Enjoyment of son ship

Mephibosheth was not recover with before but when things turn around for good in his life, he enjoyed the glory of God and because a celebrity.

In conclusion, the best gold comes out of fire in his glory, for this reason we shall come out in our glory. If all things work together, is either good or bad. If you are going through a problem as a child of God, it will work out for you but do not murmur.

By: Oyetunde Joy / Olaosebikan Oyetola/ Adesina Olanrewaju (HBN)


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