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August 3, 2011

Obeying Our Commander’s Command

by Admin

Speaker: Pastor M.O.Adeogun

 FORMAT: We all are being commanded by the supreme one (God)

The great commands given to us by the commander are

  • Going out and
  • Giving

Going out: Gofamint is well known for evangelism. Don’t stay at a point, rise, don’t tarry on a spot, run. If you stay on a spot, it is dangerous because a lot of calamity may befall you. Gospel must be spread and not on a spot .poverty befall those who stay on a spot. The great commission was to go out to spread the gospel and teaching them to observe all things.

Giving:  People who give never lack but people who don’t give will never have and crisis shall befall them anytime. The apostles gave to the extent that they sold their properties for the spreading of the gospel and helping the helpless. Give when you don’t have anything so that it will be easy for you to give when you have abundant. We should always involve ourselves in sponsoring God’s work. The root causes of many problems in the church are inability to give to God.

In conclusion, today’s topic “obeying our commander’s command” is a mandate to every true believer. Obedient to God brings blessing and life to an individual. The greet commission must be obeyed that is spreading the gospel. And more so, giving to God is of great benefit to an individual. These two things works hand in hand.

By Oyetunde Joy  (HBN)


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