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August 1, 2011

Our God will lift you up (Opening Message)

by Admin

Our God will lift you up (I Sam. 2:8, Ps 3:3)
– Pastor J.K Ogunjobi

The message started with a godly advice and instruction of this sought: “Change your mind-set” followed by a deep and well rooted question “How prepared are you?”.

He said we have stayed too long in our present position and we are gathered to God for him to make a difference in our lives. He further said that when God lift us up, we will not remain in the same position we used to be and added that He will make us seat with kings and princes but warned that it is not by power or by might rather it is divine. Quoting from Psalm 40:5, he said if we can patiently wait on God, cry to him and pour out our heart desires to him in this year convention, He will hear us and lift us up and we will sing a new song.

He explained that when God lifts you up, people will see you lifted and will fear then praise the name of God. He concluded by giving scriptural references of those God lifted starting with Mordecai to David, to Johakim. It is not over until it is over in that your unpleasant position that people have drawn a conclusion for your life.

By Senami (HBN)

Senami Yewhenu

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