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January 22, 2011



by Admin

Text Luke 11:2

In prayer we must learn to honour,   worship and adore God.

He wanted his people in the Old Testament not to take His name in vain. Now, it is not only that you honour the name of the Lord or hallow the name of God or sanctify his name in the time of prayer only, it must be part and parcel of your life. You can’t use the name of God throughout the day and come to church on Sunday and begin to pray sanctimonious religiously with His name and think you are hallowing His name. No. many people do this and they don’t get answered prayers.

Many just pray to soothe their conscience. Beloved, prayer is more than just soothing your conscience. It is a two-way communication with the living God by a living human being in a covenant relationship with him which affects and changes things in your situations and circumstances. Don’t form a habit of just praying as a religious duty to soothe your conscience. Let true worship flow from you to God in prayer, adore Him and honour him with your worship in prayer. Truly hallow God’s name and it shall be well with you. I pray God answer your prayers this Victory Month. More strength to finish well! Amen.



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