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January 22, 2011


by Admin

Text I JOHN 5:14-15

Prayer is a subject that many people seem to be specialists in. A lot of people even pagans offer some kind of prayers to God. We really need to assess if the prayers that even believers or born again people in this time and age are answerable. There are some prayers that if God answers them he will become an accomplice in crime with those offering such prayers.

According to the scripture above, verse 14 tells you that one major key to answered prayer is first to obtain the hearing of God or to secure divine audience. It tells you also that it is only the prayer that is prayed according to the will of God that hears.

That means God does not hear any prayer that is not according to his will, God does not hear your opinion he listens to and answers only his will in his word that is presented back to him.

Verse 15 says if we know that he hears us, whatsoever we ask we know that we have the petition that we desire.

If we don’t know that he hears us whatsoever we ask, we don’t know that we have the petition that we have desired. This also is true. Once you are sure He has heard you then you are sure that He has answered your prayer.

Prayers that are answerable are prayers that God will hear in the first place. What makes a prayer answerable is also what make it honourable and that is the will of God.

It’s just nine more days to wrap up our Victory Month programme. More strength to finish well in Jesus’ name.   Amen.



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