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January 20, 2011



by Admin

Read I Samuel 14:6-16

The Philistines had gathered to fight the Israelites. Everything appeared in their favour. They had all the weapons while the Israelite had none except King Saul and his son Jonathan. The Philistines were more in number. There were 30,000 chariots 6,000 horsemen and innumerable footmen. Besides, they had different classes of warriors; regular soldiers as well as spoilers (commandos). The Israeli army had drastically reduced to about 600 men. The Philistine commandos took some strategy locations from which to launch their attack while the Israelites were at a disadvantaged position.

The Philistines were well fed and strong while their counterparts were hungry, weak and fainting. There was no way 600 men could face that number. Infact, the Israeli army reduced 3,000 to 600 out of fear. The rest had gone into hiding in caves, rocks, thickets and pits. In the midst of such uncertainty, fear and hopelessness came Jonathan. He stood in faith in His God. He had an understanding of the God of Israel to a point where that knowledge produced unusual strength and boldness. Daniel says those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits (Dan. 11:32b).  Jonathan told his armour bearer to come with him to the camp of the Philistines. This was based on a revelation he received from God’s Word and conviction base on testimonies of past battles, saying “…for there is no restraint to the LORD to save by many of by few” (I Samuel 14:6b).

Are you surrounded by enemies you cannot number? Do you faint? Are the myriad of problems you are going through making you discouraged and causing you to hide in the pits and rocks of unbelief, inaction and fear? Rise up. Jonathan acted on that revelation, took a step and killed the first twenty enemies and God honoured His word.  God sent an earthquake and an unusual trembling, fear and confusion into the midst of the Philistines so that each thought his neighbor was the enemy; so they began to destroy themselves furiously. Has God given you His Word? Act on it. Take that step of faith in obedience to God’s command and Heaven will back you up. Every revelation not acted upon robs the recent of a gold mine of God’s blessings.

NOTE: In the midst of confusion, fear chaos, Heaven waits for your first move of faith before backing you up.



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  1. Fash
    Jan 20 2011

    For without faith, no man can please God.
    Well done bro.
    May the Lord increase our faith.

    • OkikiJesu Zion
      Mar 18 2011

      Amen…Thanks brother, God bless you


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