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The highest honour a man can receive in life is that of a father! Even, Jesus introduced God to us as father (Matt 6:9; Lk. 11:2).

Fatherhood is not a title to bear but responsibility to accept, and role to play. Fatherhood represents oversight and pace setting for the upcoming generation.


A winning father is a training father. Training is the cost price for winning, just as in sports and other facets of life.

It is important to know that the pride of every true father is his family, especially his children whom the Lord helped him to raise with his wife. Thus, a winning father has clear evidence in the children whose lives keep speaking after he has departed, and this is realizable through sound training.

The bridge between childhood and adulthood is training. Fatherhood trains the upcoming generation to take their place in destiny (Prov 22:6). Training up a child today is securing his future tomorrow. A child that is pampered today will tamper with your joy tomorrow, while a child left alone brings shame to his parents (Prov 29:15, 17; 13:24; 1 Sam. 2:22; Tim. 5.8).


  1. Abraham. Abraham was a commander of his children. His attitude endeared him to God to the extent of being testified of (Gen. 18:17-19; 14:14-20).
  2. David. David trained Solomon as well as his foster children. He gathered some vegebonds and malcontents and trained them to become great men. (1 Kings 3:3, 1 Sam. 13:14; 2 Sam. 23:8-39).
  3. Moses. Moses also trained his foster children e.g. Joshua (Num. 11:28; 27:16-18).
  4. Elijah. He had foster children especially in Elisha whom he trained to become a prophet like him (1 King 19:19-21; 2 King 2:1-15; 3:10-14).


  1. Eli. Eli lost his priesthood because he couldn’t control his children. For you to hear that your children are doing evil and you wave it off makes you an irresponsible living father (1 Sam. 2:22-24; 3:10-20)
  2. Samuel. Unfortunately, when Samuel too grew up, he didn’t train his children. Hence, none of them could be of reference when Israel demanded for a king (1Sam. 8:1-5).


By Instruction. Training is to be carried out through instruction (Prov. 4:11-13). Instruct your children on the right way to go.

By Discipline. This is to be rightly applied as end when necessary. The whole essence of discipline is for correction and guide against future occurrence. (Prov. 13:24; Heb. 12:6-11).

By Godly examples. Live a godly life before for your children. Fathers are mentors. Children watch you more that the hear you. (1 King 3:3).

\by Love. One thing children cannot resist is love. Train and discipline them in the atmosphere of love. (1 Tim. 5:8; Prov. 13:22).


Abraham is our covenant example for access to generational blessings (Isa. 51:1-3, Gal. 3:13-14).

Therefore, to secure generational blessings in our families, all fathers must be committed to effective training of their children.